Definition of Flawed

Genre: Romance

Book Summary

A man who had everything. A woman who wanted more.

Scarlett Trent has been a rule follower all her life. Meeting Paul Jackson changes that. He's rough around the edges, the epitome of sexy, and strong. He's everything she wants and more. It's not all sunshine and roses though because there's something about Paul that tweaks her protective dad's radar.

She doesn't care what her dad thinks and rips up the rule book because Paul's sizzling bad boy vibe pulls at her like an irresistible magnet. Blessed with a body for sinning, and a face like a fallen angel, he's a risk taker who challenges her. She can't get enough, and discovering he has a son isn't enough for her to hold back.

When Paul invites her to move in, excitement replaces her initial apprehension, but that's short-lived when each new day reveals surprising information about him. He takes more than he gives and wrecks everything he touches. Every revelation tears them apart and at the same time, her friendship with his son grows closer.

Will she stand by Paul as his issues explode, or will she follow the rules like the good girl she used to be?

Author note: This is a prequel to the Definition series. Bear in mind each event that unfolds takes you one step closer to the series. You don't need to read this to get into the series, but your understanding may be enhanced by doing so.

It has a storyline that may take you out of your comfort zone because it tackles lack of sobriety, commitment issues, and abandonment.

Lia Peele's Books

About the Author

Lia Peele is a British author from the North East of England. She writes steamy adult contemporary romance and has penned five books, called the Definition series, all of which will be launched Autumn 2017/Winter 2018 starting with the prequel novella Definition of Flawed in October 2017.

Inspired by the Kindle revolution, she began writing in 2015 after reading a book by an author she’s forgotten, but the story resonated. Lia said to her husband, ‘Hey, I’ve got an idea for a book.’

He was watching Top Gear at the time and wasn’t particularly interested, but Lia wasn’t deterred, and did a quick Google search to find out how to use punctuation. After that, nothing could hold her back, not even the lack of a laptop. Seventy thousand words later using her Kindle Fire HD, the software crashed and she lost forty thousand of them. Needless to say she owned a laptop two days later.

Lia came to writing late but can’t imagine doing anything else now. She is forever thankful that her adult children don’t need her as much as they used to because she lives inside her head creating lifestyles for other people most of the time

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