Delicious (Chimera Club Stories #4)

Genre: Romance, Romantic Suspense Thriller

For Fans Of

Mia Ford,, Alice Ward, Eva Luxe, Juliana Conners, B.B. Hamel, Vivien Vale, Madison Faye, Jenika Snow, Isabella Starling, Amy Brent

Book Summary

One taste will never be enough.

I saw the man of my dreams once across a crowded restaurant.

But then he disappeared.

A year later I’m still dreaming about him and what might have been.

And though we’ve never met, I know in my heart when I find out James is in trouble there is nothing I won’t do to save him.


I knew she was meant to be mine the first time I saw her.

But I missed my chance.

Now I’m scarred and alone, barely living on dreams of all the things that might have been.

When Della comes to me, I know in my heart that I will never let her go again.

Even if letting her go is what’s best for her.

I can still see the man I wanted to know under the scars, and I want him to let me in.

Her light shines to me like a beacon, calling for me to be the man I used to be.

Finding our way to each other is the most important thing we will ever do.

Nothing can stand in the way our love.

We were meant to be.

About the Author

❤️Cybill Cain writes stories about love, adventure and romance, and is the author of The Chimera Club Stories.❤️

She is an international award winning author, experienced journalist, blogger, graphic artist and fanfiction enthusiast who writes romance because to her, "every story is a love story."

She is also a member of Romance Writers of America, and the Alliance of Independent Authors.

The Chimera Club Stories are written as stand alone steamy romances that you can read in any order. (Except the short story collection, that one works better if read after the first four books.)

Each love story is told against a backdrop of mystery and suspense and anchored by the resident bad boy of Chimera, Thomas Meenan.

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