Demented Fairy Tales Vol. 1: Rays & Metal Marmalade

Genre: Horror

For Fans Of

Robert Coover, dark fairy tales

Book Summary

The home that kills…

In Rays, an apartment building is held hostage by evil white rays that prey on unsuspecting tenants. Trapped in a time warp, the manager watches helplessly as the rays unleash their wrath. In Metal Marmalade, a teenage girl is tormented by the cries of her best friend, who has been kidnapped by flesh-eating cyborgs. Can Tina’s synesthesia help her complete this perilous quest?

Both stories offer a sinister spin on Hansel and Gretel.


"Twisted and totally next level...really gets under your skin"- Isaiah Frizzell, Pull Up Network

About the Author

Kate Findley's works are a blend of horror, sci-fi, slipstream, and magical realism, with humor thrown in. She is particularly drawn to themes of mind control and magic portals. Her works are often non-linear and feature multiple narrators. Although her writing does not appeal exclusively to young adult readers, her stories frequently feature teen and tween protagonists as this phase conjures up potent memories. Plus from her years as a teacher, she's gotten to know this age group quite well!

Born and raised in a tiny town on the Texas coast, Kate always wanted to live in a big city and naturally moved to Los Angeles at the first opportunity. Her hobbies include tennis, hiking, and kickboxing. In her other life she works as a freelance copywriter, specializing in the personal development market. To learn more about her copywriting services and check out her writing tips, visit

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