Doctrines of Demons: The New Age Dawns

Genre: Christian

Book Summary

When Casey Carl's midnight exorcism becomes a rape charge and police find Kiddie porn on his computer, the small-time Los Angeles pastor sees his ministry disintegrate.

Seeking answers, he and pretty Times reporter Haley Woodhouse explore the city's satanic scene and encounter theistic Satanists obsessed with UFOs. Their paranormal attacks threaten his life, scorch his soul and ransack his sanity. Yet the former Heroin addict and lonely widower's biggest threats are relapse and acting on his growing desire for the reporter. And is she really on his side?

Can this unlikely demon fighter win a battle with the prophesied Moonchild, a modern day warlock with supernatural powers and extraterrestrial connections? For the pastor, dying is acceptable. Dying in disgrace is not.

Defrocked and defeated, dare he invade their liar, try to save those he loves from agonizing death and halt the mass human sacrifice that will allow Revelation's flying locust demons to descent to earth and dawn the new age of global mayhem.


Self-Publishing Review, 4 Stars (Reviewer said it would have been five but hated the cover which has been replaced): A dark, gritty, supernatural thriller that tackles some heavy issues like drug addiction, prostitution, and abuse without shying into ambiguity. Clearly, Donnally handled the creation of his fallen pastor with deft purpose. It is remarkably easy to get swept up in Casey’s plight. Donnally knows how to bring his characters to life, and his skill of inserting real-life issues into fiction is undeniable. Though the book is heavily laden with ideas rooted in the Christian faith, it could very well be appealing as a cross-genre book for those interested in the idea of spiritual warfare Doctrines of Demons should appeal to eschatological Christians and paranormal readers alike.

Movie Producer, Richard A Rossi Ed Donnally is a phenomenal writer. Hopefully, it's coming to a theater near you in the future to enjoy with a big bucket of popcorn. "Doctrines of Demons" is the story of a battle that is Apocalyptic on a macro level, but on a micro level, it's a personal battle between the spirit and the flesh.

Yve-Anne Alexander UK: I really enjoyed this. It was a fast read because Eddie Donnally kept the pace fast and so it was a page turner. As I have read on other reviews, the author referred to biblical truths throughout and you could see how the ideas behind the story fitted well with scripture. The end battle kept the reader on their feet and I certainly look forward to the next book in the trilogy. This book would be great for teens either for Christians or those seeking their way - IT MAKES YOU THINK. This would compete well with all those other fantasy teen books which are out there. I hope that the author gains a following.

Writer Brian Reynolds: It took awhile for me to sit down and read this book, but once I did, I gulped it down within 2 days, being irritated any time I had to stop. (It) is written well enough that it developed a wonderful suspense/thriller movie in my thoughts. A movie in which I didn't want to hit the pause button! I'd recommend this to anyone. Christian or not, you'll enjoy yourself with this one

Joyce Leigh: I must say that it was a spell binder. The book posits that there are demons among us, ruled by an ancient dark power. I loved the characters who emerged, grew, and changed. There were sparks of humor periodically that momentarily broke the tension. The ending is intriguing, leaving me wanting to know where these characters go from here.

Gary Parker: The books great strength was its character developments--all the main players on both sides were 3D and believable. . . The unexpected romance was tastefully explored, as was the growth of spiritual strength.

Edward W. Steinmuelle: Exciting read about biblical prophecy as told through a story with characters as a work of fiction. Eddie keeps the reader going back to scripture and relating to events foretold that are happening as we speak. Eddie writes a great read...Spent many an hour reading this tale of bible prophecy spun into a story of fiction. Enjoy.

About the Author

Eddie Donnally has lived a most unusual life. He is the only professional horse jockey to have won an Eclipse Award for Newspaper Writing and one who has been a television show producer, racing show host, certified fund raiser, ordained minister and in recent years, a professional hospital and hospice chaplain and novelist.
A former jockey who rode some 10,000 races and won nearly 1,200, he wrote for the Dallas Morning News and has published over 100 articles in a score of newspapers and magazines, including the Washington Post, New York Times and the Times Sunday Magazine.
Since finding Christ in a jail cell in 1996, he’s been in full time Christian ministry. He holds a Doctorate of Ministry, a degree he earned in his 60s. His self published bio, Ride the White Horse, A Checkered Jockey's Story of Racing, Rage and Redemption sold thousands and remains a consistent Amazon best seller.
His story has been published in magazines and books, including Chicken Soup for the Recovering Soul discussed on radio shows and featured on The 700 Club and the Christian Television Network. He is a frequent speaker in churches, recovery conferences, rehab centers, and prisons.

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