Don't Go Mango Picking

Genre: Action Adventure, Children, Short Stories

For Fans Of

Readers interested in Ready. Set...Hatch, The Jumbies and other Caribbean books will surely enjoy the first instalment of the Scary Island Series

Book Summary

When Sandy and Deanna are lured into mango picking they discover that sometimes everything is not as it seems.
With mischief and mayhem, the girls soon learn that there can be many dangers to breaking the rules.

This story set in the olden days of the Caribbean will be sure to entertain any adventurous young reader.

About the Author

Hailing from her native Trinidad and Tobago, Author, Illustrator, and lifelong bibliophile D.H. Gibbs found a way to blend her creative abilities with her love of the written word.
From her early days, she spent many waking moments crafting tales, honing her graphic design skills, or dreaming up elaborate vacation plans to satisfy her love of exploring new locations. Her creative endeavors have afforded her many opportunities and inspired her to take her love of new and different worlds to craft Childrens’ and New Adult books for readers everywhere.
When not writing, she can be found dreaming up new, fantastical stories for her fans or indulging her love of art, reading, or planning her next great adventure.

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