Donut Hole: A Marine's Real_Life Battles in Vietnam During 1967 and 68 Marines, 1st Force Logistical Command Clutch Platoon

Genre: Dystopian and Futuristic

Book Summary

A black and white... version of a book which does not explore the religious aspects of war. Your very belief is tested in combat, you must kill your enemy, or your enemy will kill you – that is the simple, hard cold fact. Because in my humble opinion, War is hell on Earth. Evil roams freely in War, and it will kill you, one way or another, with its evil intent. Nightmares are common and, in their fantasy, never reflect the real horror and the reality that War can bring to your mind. No matter what your personal spiritual beliefs are, you will be tested. The conduct of your intent will be your judge for life. It is your second-guessing that can be dangerous to you. A wise Philosopher once said in Greece, “If you want real peace, you must always prepare for War.” This book is about war. It tells my experiences of the paths I took as a United States Marine in Vietnam. The mouths of many soldiers will say the same – the same soldiers who had shared my paths with the experiences of my many paths in life. I have not shared these words or reflections with anyone, except in bits and pieces, and that too, with other veterans in the form of bunker talk.

About the Author

Mr. Rc Le Beau is a former soldier and now a renowned author of the book “Donut Hole.” He
served in the military and was one of the participants of the Vietnam war. Writing this book and sharing his experiences in life and painting it as a story is an act of immense bravery and courage, and
deserves huge respect. He is among those brave soldiers who stand tall and fearless even today. It is
not easy to overcome such traumas, recall them and narrate each aspect of life into a book for the world to know who true heroes actually are.

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