Dracones awakening

Genre: Fantasy, General Fiction, Paranormal, Paranormal Romance, Romance, Romantic Suspense Thriller, Urban Fantasy

For Fans Of

Sherrilyn Kenyon and JR Ward, as Dracones has a large cast of deep, dark Characters & multiple POV's

Book Summary

For a thousand years the Ilyium druids have hunted the Dracones without mercy.  

After the enemy swept through their village in a brutal massacre, Tierney and her friends fled the realm of Tartaria for Earth. Living in Washington State, they’ve learned to keep their Dracones identity secret. Only no matter how far they run from the nightmares of the past, escape is impossible…something crystal clear whenever Tierney gazes into the tormented eyes of the man she loves.

He failed to protect his brother long ago, and now Jax is broken and full of rage. With his Awakening approaching, his powers are becoming unpredictable. If he survives the change allowing him to shift into his dragon, he fears endangering the one he loves above all others—Tierney. 

Their past catches up when Tierney has a brutal vision. Ancient instincts are triggered. Tierney and Jax must battle to overcome their legacy if they are to trust in themselves, and avoid the Ilyium’s sinister plans.

 This is the first book in the Dracones series for readers age 17+. If you are a fan of dark, steamy, paranormal romance, you will love Tierney and Jax's story.  Buy Dracones Awakening today to be swept up into the magical world of dragons, magic and angst ridden sensual heat.


By Barbara (Paging Through The Days)on June 7, 2016 Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase ​Holy Dragon Scales! I fecking loved every word on every page! Ha. Totally in love with Jax, Tierney and Sami! Though, I love Jax the most. Lol It's taken me a few days, okay, a week or so to write this review because... I am still in Dragon hangover. Seriously. I can't stress just how much awesome this story has in it. It's a hurricane blowing through your mind... It leaves you windblown, mind blown and in a state of.. holy hell I need the next book now! I mean, dude.. its just awesome sauce! Three Dragons, a wolf pack, ​a scared Kitty and a helluva lot of emotions make this one fantastic story! I am a HUGE Dragon fan and I can say to date, this is one of the BEST story I have read. Not taking away from the others but that is my honest opinion. The action, the emotions and the level of chaos are well balanced. The characters -though there were times where I wanted to put a boot in a certain blue Dragons arse - were well rounded. Tierney, Jax and Sami are all thick as thieves. Tierney is bad to the bone. A crotch rocket riding, boot wearing, ass kicking woman who can hang with the boys. She does not let anything get in her way... and at times that dedication to living the way they do puts her in danger. Good thing she has Sami and Jax to keep her from getting-dead. Jax, my poor Jaxsaron, is a broken dragon who thinks he isn't good enough for the love he knows Tierney has for him. Thankfully, she doesn't let him get too far into his head and pushes him at every turn. Jax is a good man -never mind the being broken- all he needs is to open up and let Tierney love him the way he deserves, for the first time in his life. Then, we have Sami. Dear, sweet, protective Samarias. I totally want to hug him. Big teddy bear that will light your butt on fire if you mess with Tierney or Jax. he might be the 'little' brother but he sure has a heart the size of Texas. His willingness to help both Tierney and Jax out in a jam. When they all go on the hunt for Tierney's missing father, Zander, who happens to be a fallen angel they come across a whole lot of chaos that leads them to ask more and more questions. They also rescue a shifter named Thaniel, who has been through so much. He is broken, run down and totally worms his way into your heart. As he grows closer to Tierney, there is a bond that happens. You can see him slowly starting to come around. As with Jax and Sami it helps him to be around her and her calming touch. But he can also be fierce when pushed too far. that animalistic side of him is what helps keep Tierney's father, Zander safe after a daring rescue. The hurt, bloodshed and desperation to survive sends them all into a tailspin that sets off a new chain of events. Once broken this chain will forever change them all. Question is... can they survive what is to come next or will they all go up in a fiery blaze?

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About the Author

I was born in Scarborough Ontario, and have lived in many different places. The main ones being Toronto, Montreal, London Ontario, Alabama, Texas, and Alberta. I now reside in British Columbia, Canada with my husband, three kids, one dog, three cat’s and numerous chickens. I never grew up thinking I'd ever be an author. Instead, I worked with racehorses. I am an artist, and draw & sell animal artwork, and of course I love to read. I fell in love with reading at 12, after I read The Black Stallion series by Walter Farley and I've never stopped. One day, after reading an unsatisfying book, I decided to write my own book, with my own characters, doing what I wanted them to do. I began to type and the characters came to life in my head. I never looked back.

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