Dracones revelations

Genre: Conspiracy Thrillers, Fantasy, General Fiction, Paranormal, Paranormal Romance, Romance, Romantic Suspense Thriller, Urban Fantasy

For Fans Of

Sherrilyn Kenyon & JR Ward, as Dracones has a large sast of deep, dark Characters & Multiple POV's

Book Summary

Forged in the nightmares of his past, Samarias emerged broken. Silent.

On the verge of his dragon awakening, twenty-one-year old Sami’s smile is his mask, hiding the dark secret eating at his soul.

But fate never makes life easy. After infiltrating an enemy compound, he learns that everything is not as it seems. When asked to fly to Calgary on a mission, he’s confronted by the demons of his past where he faces some harsh choices. Faced with his true desires, Sami has to delve deep to make the right decisions. 

Dracones Revelations is book two for readers 17+. If you are a fan of dark, steamy paranormal romance, get Sami’s story today and be swept into the world of Dragons, Phoenix shifters, Night and Day Walkers, Magic, sensual heat and the revelations of Sami’s past.


By BJ on June 21, 2016 Format: Kindle Edition From moment I opened this book I was snared. I had waited forever to get back to my Dracones, to see what would become of my Beloved characters. Sheri-Lynn brings it on in Dracones Revelations, I had questions answered, and more created. It was an emotional rollercoaster for anyone who feels for these fictional people. Definitely worth the read, and If you haven't read Dracones Awakening, get on it! Your missing out! Slight Spoilers ahead do not read further if you're spoiler sensitive. HellFire. I can't even. She infuriates me. Samis surprise 'gift' has me so intrigued for book three! Out of all the characters in this series Sami deserves this miracle more than any other. I LOVE that we see the growth in Jax, and how he's making headway in opening up, and allowing his family to be his family and not his responsibility. Although that protective streak will never leave. Now Soroyan. My Soroyan. We do get to see small amounts of my HottyMcHotPants S-wolfie, I wish there was more. I cannot wait for his story. I feel I will be most critical of that book in this series. But so far, I'm Loving it! I Love that Sheri-Lynn, isn't afraid to push the boundries on controversial issues in her stories, it makes everything so much more on edge and builds anticipation! 5 Freaking Awesome Stars! Brittaini Blogger at St Sisters Book Reviews

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About the Author

I was born in Scarborough Ontario, and have lived in many different places. The main ones being Toronto, Montreal, London Ontario, Alabama, Texas, and Alberta. I now reside in British Columbia, Canada with my husband, three kids, one dog, three cat’s and numerous chickens. I never grew up thinking I'd ever be an author. Instead, I worked with racehorses. I am an artist, and draw & sell animal artwork, and of course I love to read. I fell in love with reading at 12, after I read The Black Stallion series by Walter Farley and I've never stopped. One day, after reading an unsatisfying book, I decided to write my own book, with my own characters, doing what I wanted them to do. I began to type and the characters came to life in my head. I never looked back.

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