Genre: Action Adventure, Conspiracy Thrillers, Dystopian and Futuristic, General Fiction, Sci-fi, Suspense Thrillers, Young Adult

For Fans Of

Veronica Roth (Divergent), Suzanne Collins (The Hunger Games), Mary Lu (Legend), Scott Westerfeld (Uglies)

Book Summary

Vikka is a Drone, a member of the worker caste destined to labor in the grim factories of the New World Plutonomy. When Vikka is forced to sell her organs to pay her family's oxygen bill, she becomes trapped in a secret genetic modification program. The experiment transforms Vikka from a frail waif into a super-soldier. She escapes the program with the help of a mysterious, handsome stranger.

Hunted by both the New World Plutonomy and the Revolution that opposes them, Vikka must learn to harness her power and decide whether to help her rescuer reform the NWP from within or join the Revolution to destroy it.


"I couldn't put it down! This is a terrifying idea of what our future could be."
--BTS Book Reviews

"I love the creativity this author shows... I recommend this book to anyone who likes futuristic books with a lot of explosions and action."
--Fang-Freakin'-Tastic Reviews

"Fast paced, absolutely riveting... by far one of the most original YA dystopian reads..."
--Tome Tender

"...An exciting adventure... The characters are very believable and I was hooked into the series from the beginning."
--Derek Ailes, author of Zombie Command

"I have read a lot of so-called YA dystopian/alternative future stories [and] this book gave me hope that finally, finally, somebody can actually give us an interesting story in this genre. I was riveted and read the book at one sitting, all night. Few books do that."
--Jessalyn Susu, author of Fathers and Sons

"The novel speeds along, using short chapters and intense action sequences... Pick up a copy and give it a read. I think you'll like it as much as I did."
--Michael Billington, author of Blood Debt

"...An action-packed, quick-paced story that grabs readers from page one. I recommend this novel for anyone in The Hunger Games / Divergent zone..."
--Nate Philbrick, author of The Little One

"If you love sci-fi, dystopian worlds... you won't be disappointed!"
--Kindle reviewer

"A great look at wherewe are headed if we are not careful. A real page turner."
--Kindle reviewer

"A fresh voice in the Dystopian genre."
--Kindle reviewer

About the Author

Award winning author/poet of over twenty #1 best sellers, including How to Start Your Novel, Young Adult Fiction Best Sellers, and Bukowski's Ghost.

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