Easy: Stories From An Effortlessly Created Life


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We all know someone for whom life seems effortless; their career rises consistently and in harmony with their charmingly idyllic family life, while you run breathless to meetings, baby sick on your collar worrying about the non-existent University fund you have for the kids you are not spending enough time with. We all long to know the secret to an easy life, the key to having it all, everyday, in a composed, dignified way that even leaves time for our wildest dreams to be fulfilled as well.


Easy: Stories From An Effortlessly Created Life is by Jennifer Manson, a woman who does have it all – a career she loves, a family she loves and yes, she is living her dream as a writer living in France.


Her steadfast conviction that everything we tackle is essentially ‘easy’, provides her with the perfect, positive standpoint from which to take on any challenge in life. In the book, she shares the ways in which she has put this into practise over the years, giving much inspiration to anyone in business or those simply trying to get the most out of life.


Commenting, Jennifer says: “Life is easy for me – at least the external bits. I must confess to a bit of unnecessary complication in the emotional things: relationships, personal development, managing my wild ambition – but for the practical things, the projects that tug at my heart, providing for the people around me, creating the environment I desire, making things happen, easily and quickly, I seem to have that mastered. So someone suggested I write a book about it, describing how that happens for me, in case anyone else is interested in mastering it, too.”

Jennifer Manson is an author and business woman. She has six novels published and Easy is her first non-fiction title. A mother of two originally from New Zealand, she is now based in France with her husband and daughter.

About the Author

I run a boutique publicity agency from Woodstock in Oxfordshire specialising in Literature and Lifestyle. I would like to put some of my books forward for review in this new magazine.

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