Eat Yourself Healthy and Sexy: How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off

Genre: Non Fiction

Book Summary

This book shows you that you can lose weight the healthy way and keep it off for good. Losing weight the healthy way starts with eating clean, it starts with you nourishing your body, it starts with providing your body all the nutrients it needs to function at its best – therefore, this book does NOT promote exclusionary diets (i.e. no ‘carbs’); what it DOES do is it advocates balanced, healthy eating. You get to eat from all 5 food groups, so your body is nourished, you have a lot of energy, and you won’t put the weight back on as is usually the case with exclusionary diets.

The book covers all of your nutritional requirements and provides you with:
- a 21-day meal plan (3 weeks), consisting of three meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and two snacks a day,
- information about the five food groups as well as fats and iron,
- information about serving sizes,
- information on keeping properly hydrated,
- information on food safety,
- information on oral hygiene,
- information on how to calculate how many calories your body burns each day so you will know how many calories you need to consume each day to lose (and maintain) weight,
- information on how to lose weight the healthy way and how to keep it off for good,
- cooking tips and recipes.

About the Author

Tita is a teacher and an author from Slovenia.

She has written a diet & meal plan book Eat Yourself Healthy & Sexy, and an exercise guide Get Fit, Strong & Lean, and a romance novel The Healing Touch.

She is also the author of children's books Mia and Her Time Machine, a book about a girl travelling back in time and learning about ancient Egypt, ancient Rome, and ancient Greece.

She is currently working on another children's book.

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