Elemental Forces

Genre: Action Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-fi

Book Summary

Once again two worlds become inextricably entangled in an engrossing tale of mystery and adventure. On Earth Rahlys continues her training with Quaylyn while Melinda's dreams are haunted by the taint of Droclum. Jack Faulkner holds the key to solving a mystery and Leaf, Crystal, and Rock charm their way into the hearts of all. On Aaia (Anthya's World) Rojaire still seeks his long-lost Kaylya and a secret valley hidden in the Crescent Mountains on the Devastated Continent consolidates the first steps toward revolution on a world that values population control over individual freedom. And somewhere...Brakalar still possesses the rune-covered chest containing the Rod of Destruction.

Cil Gregoire's Books

About the Author

Cil Gregoire is the author of the Oracle of Light series. Born in South Louisiana Cil Gregoire moved to Alaska as a young adult where she lived the Alaska dream, teaching in the bush, commercial fishing in Bristol Bay and Norton Sound, and building a log cabin in the woods. These real life experiences are the foundation of her first novel Crystalline Aura set in the woods of the Upper Susitna Valley.

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