Elevators In My Mind

Genre: Non Fiction

For Fans Of

Orange Is the New Black

Book Summary

Elevators In My Mind is a revealing memoir by Jarray Davis that details his time spent in prison and his attempt to pay his debt back to society. The time may have been easy for those brought up in the lifestyle, but for the youngest son of a middle-class family... The transition proved difficult, to say the least. Jarray Davis embarks on an intellectual journey, which will lead to a freedom more profound than any that could be granted by a legal authority. One question still remains; will his debt to society ever be paid in full?


Really enjoyed this book. Finished in one sitting. The author offers an intimate look into his failures and success. The writing paints a vivid picture of his struggles and those faced by countless others in our society. I was unable to put this book down trying to discover where the story would lead. Great story.

I would definitely put this on the shelf with my other great reads. This book kept my interest the entire time. It’s a very inspiring story and a great reminder that though we may reach a low point or circumstances that may cause us to fall, it’s never too late to get back up and get our life back on track. Thanks for sharing!

About the Author

Jarray Davis is an author that truly believes in the power of story. He writes from the heart in hopes that his works will not only entertain, but perhaps, affect someone positively.

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