Ellis and Mr. Christmas

Genre: Children, Fantasy

Book Summary

Who is that charming CRAWKULIA living in a small town called Greenwich? This is Ellis!

At first sight Ellis is a usual crawkulia: she has a muzzle of a bat, wings of a crow, short hairy paws and a kind heart. It's only at first sight that she seems usual. In fact, she is quite special: one of her eyes can see the FUTURE!

And who is that mysterious MR. CHRISTMAS? An elf? A deer? Maybe Santa himself? No, it is a giant MOUNTAINOUS HEDGEHOG! Do you want to know what kind of miracles may happen when Mr. Christmas comes? Are you eager to learn about their magic and incredible adventures? Then open this book fast!

About the Author

Alya was an ordinary girl who was working for a serious magazine but one day all her life changed because she met … a crawkulia Ellis! They made friends and little by little Alya got so attached to Ellis that she decided to describe an amazing life of the crawkulia and her friends.

Alya studied Law and Human Rights and helped people with their legal issues. But her real passion has always been WRITING! Her first attempts at writing resulted in short stories just for herself and her family, but overtime the audience of her readers grew wider.

In the early 2000s she became a winner of the writing competition "A letter to the man I've lost" organized among all schools in the country.

As a student and later on as a lawyer she kept on writing… articles on medicine law! There were 20 of them in addition to the editor’s column in a medicine magazine.

It was until one day, or "once upon a time" (like in every fairy tale!) she found herself in “The School for Young Writers” and... fell in love with fiction! During the course she wrote 11 novels and 2 fairy tales.

The first one is "Ellis and Mr. Christmas" was published in summer 2016. The sequel "Ellis in The Irreparable Forest" was published in summer 2017.

The next Alya's book is an educational fairytale for kids «Colous for Panda Bear Bo».
Alya's article on reading was published in the blog «PaPa Lingua» https://goo.gl/I6AYuv (in Russian) and in Boolino blog http://www.boolino.co.uk/blogboolino/article/read-or-not-read/ (in English).

Alya has got two nice daughters who are major listeners and readers of her fairytales and a passion for hand-made things that she uses in making up her interactive books for children.

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