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Email Marketing for Authors: How To Use Email Marketing To Find New Readers.

Email marketing is one of the most important aspects of marketing a book! Email marketing is the quickest, most efficient and cost-effective way to deliver your book marketing messages directly to your readers and to get them to engage with you as an author so Email Marketing for Authors is the essential guide to online marketing, in other words emarketing your book.

As a new author or a writer waiting to self-publish your books, this guide will get you set up, and emailing within a day. It will show you how to start email list building and engage with potential readers of your books. In fact, anyone who needs to learn email marketing can use this guide to get set up and begin email marketing their products or services. That goes for authors, freelancers, artists, professional service providers and entrepreneurs. Insert your product where 'book's are mentioned and you have a step-by-step guide to learning about email marketing.

Email Marketing Benefits

The benefits of using email marketing for promoting your books:

1. It’s instant and gets into your reader’s inbox in seconds after you hit send

2. You’re able to build a rapport with them with your personal journey to writing books they will love

3. If you get your messaging right, they’ll share your news and thus your books with their friends. Readers want to connect with authors they like. They want to hear more about you and your writing, and especially when news about the next book will hit their inbox.

Email Marketing for Authors will show you:

• What's email marketing and how authors will benefit

• How to set up an email marketing account

• How to prepare email marketing messages

• Email permissions and legal compliance

• Where to feature your sign-up links to get new reader subscribers

• Lots of ideas for building your email marketing list

• How to run stylish email marketing campaigns

• How to sell books through email marketing without spamming your readers

• How to retain your subscribers and keep them engaged with your email marketing messages

About the Author

Paula Wynne is the bestselling author of Create A Successful Website and Pimp My Site and the Writers’ Resource Series, Paula Wynne has appeared on TV several times, including the BBC Show, Escape to the Continent, which showed her and her husband's quest to live in Spain so Paula could become a full time writer.

The Grotto's Secret is a fast-paced thriller that laces together historical and modern global settings with a supernatural hint. Described by readers as a 'must' for fans of Glenn Cooper, Kate Mosse and James Rollins.

Paula is currently writing more conspiracy thrillers with historical mystery twists. She brings her love for thrillers and history, along with the beauty of countries like Spain into her books.

Paula occasionally gives away books and other bonus material for readers, so join her news to find out more: Find out more at

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