Enter Alexavier

Genre: Sci-fi

For Fans Of

Harry Potter Graphic novel and comic books Percy Jackson Hero Enders Game Hunger Games The Rise of Renegade X

Book Summary

Decades ago, normal, everyday citizens began exhibiting extraordinary abilities. But as time went on, more and more turned to crime. In an effort to bring as many to the side of justice and prepare the next generation to replace the aging heroes of the government's premier superhero team, The Program was created. The Program takes young people with extraordinary abilities and develops them into the heroes of tomorrow. After many years of turning out hero after hero, one of the prized pupils of this government funded and controlled training operation has graduated. This is that story, Enter Alexavier. After years of hard work and training, Alexavier has finally made it to the top level of The Program and hopes to be reunited with old friends. But reality does not resemble the comic books he grew up with. He has come so far, but still has far to go. Join his adventure, as he works to become just like his idol, Sam Nelson, The Patriot Warrior, to fight evil at every turn, to bring down The Infamous One and The Terror Tribe and to one day become a Hero.


"Good story line. Great characters!"
"I recommend it to every super hero nerd out there! It’s got a great storyline and keeps you on your toes. Alexavier is a great character."
"Good pacing kept me entertained. I'm looking forward to seeing where the story goes."

"It’s an unconventional science fiction novel, but in a good way."
"Harry Potter meets the X-Men."
"Imagine if Marvel published novels."

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About the Author

I'm a new author, having just published my first book on Amazon, Enter Alexavier. I grew up on comic books and science fiction, leading to my interest in writing a novel. I'm a self proclaimed nerd and comedy groupie. I love a good sarcastic joke to go with a light saber poke. I'm hoping to have enough success with my first book that I can write the entire series and possibly branch out into other media with many other story ideas I have floating in my head.

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