Entity's Rival

Genre: Paranormal Romance

For Fans Of


Book Summary

In the final installment of "My Sweet Entity", Michael’s obsession and dominance drives Alexis to contemplate suicide, so he takes her through a portal into his realm in hell to show her the consequences of taking her own life. As if fire and brimstone weren’t enough to dissuade her, the Devil takes a liking to her living beauty and makes her his sex slave. The carnal tortures she suffers are not only terrifying but, in some ways, pleasing. She quickly learns that Michael is her only salvation, but he’s powerless to help her, so she plots to escape hell and take him with her. However, the Devil knows all, sees all, and in his twisted sense of mercy offers them a choice that neither can accept without destroying the other.

About the Author

Published dark romance author with Amore'Moon Publishing.

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