Eve, First Matriarch

Genre: Historical Fiction

Book Summary

Eve is mother to us all.

Here is her story of longing, anguish, and hope …

Eve wants nothing more than to fulfill God’s two commandments: live in absolute obedience and replenish the earth with her children. But the power of the Destroyer is strong, and when she’s told she has a chance to fulfill the second commandment by breaking the first … she takes it. Expelled from a garden paradise into a wild, dangerous world, Eve learns that her failure to obey will someday cuse her to die. With a limited time to teach Jehovah’s commandments to her children, she’s devastated when the Destroyer starts to lead them astray. Can Eve overcome evil to teach her children obedience and happiness?

Eve, First Matriarch is a reimagined story of the biblical figure of Eden, a rich historical fiction with compelling feminine perspectives and illuminating stories of motherhood.



I could not put this book down. It opened my heart to mother Eve and gave moments of quiet pondering. I know that my testimony and love for mother Eve has been strengthened. My gratitude for her also. The book flowed easily and captured me from the beginning. Thank you Angelique Conger!! *******I always wondered about the day-to-day life of Adam and Eve. This novel gives insight into the thoughts, personality, and strengths of the first matriarch. Read for yourself.

About the Author

Angelique Conger has spent years enticed by the stories of ancient women, challenging her to comb through the Bible, gleaning tidbits of information about them, the little there is. Their stories are unknown, even to their unknown names. Now, Angelique tells their thought-provoking stories as though they sat beside her, whispering into her ear. these are now found in her series, Ancient Matriarchs.

Angelique discovered the wonders of writing books later in her life. Books, however, have always been important. As a little girl in a small town, she was given her own library card at the tender age of five, highly unusual in those days. She remembers walking the few blocks to the library on her own to choose the maximum number of books allowed in those days, four nice, thick books. She returned them three of four days later for four more. AS she grew older, she occasionally returned the books a day or two past the limit of two weeks. The librarians allowed her to straighten the stacks to pay off her fines.

Angelique is reading a book or three much of the time, reading most genres. Only in 2013 did she begin to actually follow the inclination and enter NaNoWriMo and write her first book, Eve, First Matriarch (now available on Amazon). In the next few years, after many hours each day studying the craft of writing, editing, and publishing, she has several more books almost ready for publication.

Angelique lives in southern Nevada with her husband, love bird, and turtles. She looks forward to visits from her grandchildren--and their parents.

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