Exit Lane

Genre: Conspiracy Thrillers

Book Summary

Inspector Ralph McGinniss returns to his ancestral seat at Daroonga Castle in Oxfordshire for his annual holidays, only be called upon to investigate the housekeepers’ death from his cousin’s estate.
Agnes Tonbridge is found dead on the front lawn. Was this an accident, or a chance to cover up other dealings by the inhabitants?
Bedwin Hall is full of surprises. Lady Petunia, the daughter of the house is under suspicion. Ralph’s brother Stephen McGinniss is making a nuisance of himself with the Inspector’s fiancé, Lady Annabelle Frampton.
Claire Lane, noted Professor of Probability, is called in to assist Ralph McGinniss. Will she have the answers and what will she discover on the roof? Could this bring a dynasty to its knees?
The annual Masquerade Ball unmasks more than Ralph imagines. Or will the Butler, Phillip Creek reveal what he knows and betray the trust of a noble household.

About the Author

M. K. Jacobs grew up in South Australia. Considered an accomplished classical pianist, genealogist, explorer and fanatic cat lover, M K currently lives in country Victoria, sharing the property with two alpacas, and a family of cats including two Bengals.
In the last ten years with a background in Federal Law enforcement, MK's first series of novels are centred on historical military fiction with a French twist. Her writing has expanded to include MK’s Historical Romance Trilogy focusing on her mother’s World War II experiences and The Claire Lane Mystery Series.

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