Genre: Humour

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Douglas Adams and John Kennedy Toole.

Book Summary

Was it all some elaborate plan of Pope's, or just a farce?

Me? Looking back now, I think it was the caper to end all capers, and if it I'm right, what he did was nothing short of genius.

What you're about to bear witness to is possibly the greatest swindle of all time, one that brought an institution to its knees and made me a rich man in the process... Or it could be just a bunch of crude jokes about a pub's name.

Some say it should be a focus of reading groups, should be studied, analysed to try and rinse the truth from the clues that lay scattered in Pope's wake. But I'm telling you it better be done quickly, because time isn't hanging around. Rumour has it there's more on the horizon.

You haven't heard the last of this.


"Not many books get me laughing out loud and reading snippets to my poor husband, but this one fit the bill." Chris B Amazon.com

Phil Lud is just a card game away from destitution when he gets a call; on the other end of the line Abraham Pope is panicking.

Pope is a 'Safer' and lives in a vast dome where Health and Safety rules. Everything under the dome is researched, risk assessed, regulated and runs smoothly, until a leak.
Arriving at work one day, Pope is aghast to see a drip coming from the building's foyer ceiling. He springs into action, cordons off the area and is soon charged with the enormous task of getting it fixed.

With no need for plumbers inside the dome, Pope is forced to turn to the outside where Phil Lud lives.

Can Lud fix the leak without breaching one of the million or so safety directives?

Will Pope see the dome for what it is?


I loved this book “Ezicash” by Ian Thompson! It was so funny, but actually had an interesting and surprisingly intelligent plot also (I say surprisingly because it is so sardonic in nature) The tone was light and tongue in cheek, but there is a deeper, more serious message here as with many clever satires when done well. On the surface it appears almost comical, and it is…. But it is a profound look at political states, consumerism, nanny-state, etc…. Very well-written, fast paced and funny with some really entertaining characters. An enjoyable read for fans of political satire. (5 stars) Eliza Brown—Goodreads; Shelfari; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers

About the Author

Ian Thompson is from South London, UK. To date he has three books published, EZICASH, a satirical look at Health and Safety mixed with greed, and 54th State, a mix of political intrigue, a space mission and a love story. Murder at the Jolly Jester is now available, a dozy mystery of truly un-epic proportions featuring an impossible murder, an idiot of a protagonist and a cast of suspects, all set in a Kent village. All are available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, I Books and Google Play.

Whilst currently writing humorous books, he has a love of fantasy and expects to complete a book or two in that genre as well, although humorous fantasy seems inevitable. If you fancy a taster of his writing, look up fantasyspoof.com for a satirical look at fantasy, or planettommo.com for more musings.

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