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It’s 2010, and pirate attacks around the Horn of Africa are at their height. The West has yet to start sending naval escorts to protect the ships and freighters that ply the sea lanes along this dangerous coast. The US President is worried, though. He wants to protect US shipping.
The Journal of Occult Studies and Meta Science Quarterly are publications dedicated to parapsychology and paranormal studies and other related disciplines. The JOS offers an interdisciplinary approach to paranormal phenomena while MSQ provides in-depth discussions about parapsychology in the new age. Both are considered formidable resources for the latest development in these fields of study. Get access to their articles when you visit this website:
The Ancient Astronauts and ESP Magazine gave us the most interesting stories about UFOs, ancient civilizations, aliens, and other big mysteries of our time. You can access the old issues of these magazines and enjoy the content the past generations love. There's no catch on this. All you have to do is visit our website and you can browse through some of the old issues of these two great magazines.
‘Know Money, No Problem’ by Ronnie Lee is a captivating guide to help you better manage your daily expenses. Our unstable finances have gripped us for too long. Families are constrained by their unstable finances to create a happy and healthy life for their children. How to escape these constraints? This book answers that questions and more. In Ronnie Lee’s book, ‘Know Money, No Problem’, you will find the secrets to a life where you don’t have to live paycheck to paycheck. Grab your copy of...
If you could pound a stake through the heart of the Bermuda Triangle until it appeared on the opposite side of the Earth, you would be in the dreaded Dragon’s Triangle. What better place to hide a weapon of mass destruction?
Dawn Nightingale is trapped in a life of drudgery in a dead-end town until a mysterious child walks into her life and changes it forever when he tricks her into summoning a mythical beast. Forced to flee her home town, Dawn is is pursued by deadly creatures from out of the mists of time who want her, the beast and the boy for their own purposes.
Three times Randolph Carter dreams of a magnificent sunset city, three times it is snatched away from him. Carter sets out on a quest within a dream to find his idyll but his vision of perfection is not what it seems to be and he is drawn inexorably closer towards a terrible secret.
Africa is a continent with millions of youngsters brimming with talent and energy. However, they face many challenges due to the overwhelming corruption throughout the entire continent. However, there are various successful examples appearing in different countries. If these models are implemented across the board in Africa, it is possible to move ahead with the rest of the world.
The power of the kings of the Middle Kingdom have been failing for some time, having lost control of the Nile Delta to a series of Canaanite kings who ruled from the northern city of Avaris. Into this mix came the Kings of Amurri, Lebanon and Syria bent on subduing the whole of Egypt. These kings were known as the Hyksos, and they dealt a devastating blow to the peoples of the Nile Delta and Valley.
Chaff, a stable boy in the employ of Lord Yoad, receives Awareness magic--the ability to manipulate Life Force particles--on his sixteenth birthday. He flees Yoad Hall and travels to the Crown to see the Eternal Trees and Prand's First Loyal who provides the connection to the Eternal One. King Neel, First Loyal, astonishes Chaff by revealing that he is a Second Loyal. The Non--the antithesis of the Eternal One--manipulates Lord Yoad's men into felling an Eternal Tree. Angered by Man's act of...


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