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Remy has a taste for women... All kinds of women, big and small.  Aurora is a fairy on the cusp of her first mating season.  Join them on an adventure of lust and discovery.
 Ixora Ishikawa and James Anthony Nicholas Taylor III are detectives in the small, quiet town of Tylerville, Texas. Humdrum country life comes to a screeching halt when a teenager is found stabbed to death with a Scottish Claymore. It is up to Ishikawa and Taylor to find out who is responsible... But what other things will they uncover in the process?
"I was blinded by whispered promises and I never realised how cruel a woman could be until it was too late." Jon treads between worlds, caught on the cusp of life and death. He is invisible among the living, a mere shadow in a landscape of loss and isolation. Blood has long since run through his veins, his body turned cold as stone.
‘In truth, I was never really sure my state was possible until now. I mean, I’d thought about it. I’d even talked about it with others but I’d never truly believed … In all my wildest dreams, I could not have imagined what this would be like. I don’t float on a cloud, or run with the whisper of the breeze. No, I’m just here.’ 
In Her Own Words... Interview with a London Call Girl is an enlightening and moving, firsthand account of a woman’s life affected by prostitution, disclosing the emotional, psychological, and social effects.  This is the unedited transcript from a video interview Ruth Jacobs undertook with a woman working as a London call girl in the late 1990s.  Ruth Jacobs is the author of Soul Destruction, a series of novels exposing the dark world and the harsh reality of life as a drug addicted call girl.
Max’s criminal career has been going downhill since it began when he was sixteen on an armed robbery job with his father. Now in his mid-forties, he’s spent more time in jail than on criminal endeavours and he’s back inside again. It wasn’t another getaway driver driving away prematurely that’s landed him in jail this time though. No, this time it wasn’t someone else’s mistake. This time it was his...well, the crack. He can’t actually remember doing what they said he did last week or why he did...
In the spring of 1997, Shelley Hansard, a call girl who tries to live by the Golden Rule, finds herself in a suite at The Lanesborough Hotel with a dead client. Her fear of becoming a murder suspect pushes her deeper into addiction. Heroin costs her more than money and crack induces psychosis – seeing and hearing people others can’t.
One man stands against the might of the Roman Empire. His name is Caradoc. In Rome a new Emperor, Claudius, accedes the throne. But he is politically weak, enemies who would take his place circle and plot. If he is to survive Claudius needs a triumph, one that marks him as a leader of men. Claudius’s eye turns to the mysterious isle of Britannia, home of the supernatural Druids and brutal, wild-eyed warriors, reputed to fight naked. The place not even Julius Caesar could conquer.
Murder. Theft. Sociopaths. And Margate. Just another day in banking then...  It’s pre-crash 2007 and financial investment banker Josh Dedman’s life is unravelling fast. He’s fired after £20 million goes missing from the bank. His long-time girlfriend cheats on him, then dumps him. His only friends are a Russian tramp who claims to be ex-KGB and a really irritating bloke he’s just met on the train. His waking hours are a nightmare and his dreams are haunted by a mystery blonde. And to cap it all...
When Billy Evans, kingpin football hooligan, decides to go semi-legit and start his own security firm he believes no one can touch him. But when he agrees to help a football club out of its financial crisis by putting its young Irish star out of action so they can claim the insurance money, his troubles are only just beginning. For the footballer has connections in Ireland who will not let this crime go unpunished. Suddenly Billy Evans realises that everything he holds dear is under threat.


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