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“One In 500 Million Sperm” by Paula Marie Ottley Woods Boodoosingh is a magnificent autobiography combined with the spiritual awakening which leads the author herself to uncovering her truth after her mother lied to her for more than 50 years. The purpose of this book has been to fulfill her divine assignment for only God knows how great she can become after gaining full control and responsibility for her life. This book provides multiple valuable life lessons embedded in the autobiography.
Rahotep leads his Egyptian army to victory, and Apophis withdraws the Hyksos army northward. An uneasy peace settles over the Nile valley. Rebellions in the north keep the Hyksos king from striking back at Rahotep, while internal strife between the Hyksos nobility and generals threatens to rip their empire apart.
कौन है आहाना? कैसी है और क्या चाहती है, आहाना? सुंदर है, भावुक है, और हिम्मती है, आहाना। ज़िंदगी को खुल के जीना चाहती है, आहाना। अपने दम पर कुछ बनना चाहती है, आहाना। प्यार करने वाला एक हमसफ़र चाहती है, आहाना। क्या वह यह सब कर पाएगी? क्या वह ज़िंदगी अपनी मर्ज़ी से जी पाएगी? क्या होंगे उसके सपने पूरे? सुनिए आहाना और उसके प्यार की सच्ची कहानी, प्रीति नारंग की ज़ुबानी। क्या वे साथ रह पाएँगे? या ज़िंदगी की कश्म कश में खो जाएँगे? क्या वे मिल पाएँगे? या होगा कोई गुनाह?
A person living with depression sees the world through different eyes. The world is colorful, but the colors seem dulled and layered with bleakness. Even with the love and support of family and friends, there may still be emptiness and sadness. Even though life may be filled with many joyous moments, the brain chooses to fixate on the sad memories. I know it to be true because it’s exactly what I have experienced.
Do you consistently feel depressed, stressed, unmotivated, anxious and boredom for no apparent reason? Mental illness, Anxiety, including depression, is something every person must face and manage in their own way. But it also impacts relationships with friends, family — and particularly partners.
A black and white... version of a book which does not explore the religious aspects of war. Your very belief is tested in combat, you must kill your enemy, or your enemy will kill you – that is the simple, hard cold fact. Because in my humble opinion, War is hell on Earth. Evil roams freely in War, and it will kill you, one way or another, with its evil intent. Nightmares are common and, in their fantasy, never reflect the real horror and the reality that War can bring to your mind. No matter...
In a desperate attempt to escape his arduous past, Arno, a gifted daemon hunter from Italy, moves to the bright city of San Francisco. At the new and progressive Peacekeeper HQ, he plunges himself into this dangerous and controversial line of work. Fighting pesky Shades, malicious Tricksters, and tempting Tenures is his normal 9 to 5.
This book offers tips and techniques that can help you convert a prospect into a customer. Through the step-by-step guide and improvement tools, The Sales Competitor helps to create the structure for your day, month, and year. This improved structure helps to propel you to becoming more efficient and effective and leading you to reach your maximum potential. So, grab your copies today and find out how you, too, can become a sales expert and be at the very top of your profession.
Help young children learn to love letters and words by introducing them to the wonderful A-Z world of the Alphazooblies. The story is set in Cupboard, a land that is populated by characters called Alphazooblies, all based on the letters of the alphabet. Readers meet the Dooblies and various other Alphazooblies, who star in an illustrated adventure in rhyme. The book aims to entertain and educate children aged from around four, helping them to enjoy discovering more about letters and words.
After having trained thousands of fitness experts who are running their own successful businesses, Tony wants to share his knowledge, wisdom, and experience to a wider audience so that the tips and tools of the trade can be taught to not just his pupils but to all those that read his book. These instructions help experts to pursue a successful fitness career and earn money to help them do something they are truly passionate about


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