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When COVID-19 struck India, a bunch of heroes went beyond their call of duty to create artificial intelligence that guided India's survival and growth, defeating the menaces brought about the pandemic and related economic recessions. This book is their story! It is the true account of successes that usher in a new world of Artificially Intelligent Governments.
Are creatures of the night and all manner of supernatural beings drawn to certain locations in the natural world? In the Midwestern village of Beth-Hill located in southern Ohio, the population is made up of its fair share of common citizens...and much more than its share of supernatural residents. Take a walk on the wild side in this unusual place where imagination meets reality.
The first book in the Knights of the Wind series, The Power of the Mage, set the stage for brothers Jarrod and Garren, who grew up in a small town with dreams of their own. One brother wanted to be a knight of the realm, and the other wanted a simple life and was ready to take over the family Inn business. Suddenly, they were thrust into a struggle to save the world; the boys had to discover themselves, find new loves, develop new friendships and figure out how to bring balance back to the land...
THE FIFTH BOOK IN THE JAMES SAGA What happens to a man when revenge becomes his whole life? The fifth book in The James Saga continues the tumultuous love affair between Lawrence James and Jasmine Thomas. After the betrayal of his true love, Jasmine Thomas, the head of the James Empire, Lawrence James’s life falls apart. Distraught at not being able to see his son, Thomas, and unable to let go of the animosity he feels towards Jasmine, he goes to Washington D.C. where he makes a shocking...
WITHIN "CONSPIRACY STORIES," you’d find three chilling and addictive stories to awaken your mind.
This personalised collection book is the ultimate present for any fan of Disney's Cars. The red hardback cover is emblazoned with the iconic 'Cars' logo and embossed with the recipient's name. Inside, the reader will find stories from all THREE of the Cars films, faithfully retold with original artwork from memorable scenes in each film. On top of this, the Cars Ultimate Collection features FIVE more stories about the Radiator Springs gang that don't appear in any of the original three films.
Brock Steele knows his name – and very little else. After a vicious attack in mysterious circumstances, Brock’s memory has abandoned him. He has no idea why he’s being hounded by a mysterious man with a gun or why bad things keep happening to the people he loves. And why are strange voices talking to him from the walls of his flat? When he’s forced to go on the run to save his life, he has to decide who to trust – and making a mistake could be fatal. Can Brock find out who he is, why he’s being...
[INCOMPLETE] Ellowyn Acers, A once ordinary girl, is set off to a school filled with adventure, Magic, and of course, friends. With Rowan, Ellis and Averly by her side, her entire world is changing For better, or for worse!
I belong to a family with rich business background, specifically in the retail. At the initial stage, I set my foot in the same industry but soon figured out that it was not something I was born with. Walking out from the retail industry, I stepped into a sales job and performed exceptionally. However, I had a knack for turning my dreams into a real business. It is strange, yet surprising, how some very small things shape the momentous events of your life. It was a few words from my manager...
Beebie had been so proud at being picked for the Saturday football match until his life fell to pieces and he fell to pieces with it. Nothing in his life was important any more except belonging, and where do you belong when your Mum and Dad split? The convertible couch had become a symbol of never belonging and nothing was going to change for the better.


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