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Do you feel like you should live a happy life? Do you consider yourself weighed down, hindered, and riddled by negative thoughts? “The Mind Reset” will help you rewire your mindset to see more positive results. Have you ever wondered why some people get to make their dreams come true, and some people never get anything close to that? This book will help you learn how to practice positive thinking to make your life a success.
Quirky, undefinable and un-put-downable. “A collection of short tales where we meet a range of enjoyable characters. Fantasy writing with a twist, very enjoyable.” Book Bug Dracomagan (from Dragonscale Leggings) makes an appearance in each of these five tales from the Otherworld. Whether it's ruining an emotional atmosphere, upsetting golfers and little children at Knole Park or simply doing what she does best – fighting – Dracomagan is sure to entertain you.
Sometimes what you don't know can hurt you... Following a troubled childhood, Sybilla Nygard marries her much older entrepreneur partner, Tobias Ocampo. They've been inseparable since they started Offbeat Enterprises together. Their publishing house produces a book series focused on unusual homes.
When his father is killed by an erupting firehill, Kelber vows to put an end to the devastation they cause. The only one with enough power to do this is Orland's First Loyal, the one who provides a connection to the Eternal One and a possessor of great magic. But the First Loyal has been missing for two years. Despite that Orland and Prand are not on friendly terms, Kelber and his brother Trendarmon cross the dangerous sea to ask advice from Prand's First Loyal. Second Loyals, Chaff and Haeli,...
The work Yeshua is His Name offers a theological exposition to the loss of the name of the “Savior” in translation down through the ages. The narrative searches the contours of recorded history, contextualized in Scriptures, shedding light on how the correspondence of the Savior’s immutable name undermines the sanctity of our faith. The book challenges the age-old orthodoxies of biblical language adaptation and creates a spiritually healthy space for understanding the implication of calling Him...
This book is for all those people – especially young girls who have been belittled and made fun of, just based on their skin color. Diversity is beautiful, and every skin-color matters – be it black, olive, brown, or white. Natashia learns to be content in her own skin, with time and a few lessons on the way. Yes, she may be darker-skinned than her mother and the rest of the residents at the island. Yes, she may also be darker-skinned than her lighter-skinned father and the rest of the kids at...
When Lored escapes from the Isle of Yrjo, he discovers his problems have only just started. “Freya’s ability to craft complex characters and create an interwoven storyline shows well in this volume! The way things play out as the story unfolds, with some mysteries answered and others yet to be revealed, makes me want to know more of this world!” Troy
A recently mutilated, naked corpse is found in an early 19th-century tunnel under San Francisco. With no forensic evidence, solving the crime seems impossible. After San Francisco Homicide Inspector Vince Torelli begins investigating, notes from the killer, addressed to him, start showing up. Vince realizes this murder may be the first of several, leading Vince on a deadly multi-state investigation
The daughter of a close friend dies after taking an ecstasy tablet laced with carfentanil ... A friend and head of the US Drug Enforcement Agency is kidnapped on a trip to Mexico ... When asked to help in both situations, Deacon cannot say no. His mission takes him from New York’s backstreets to the forests of Mexico and on to deepest, darkest Africa. With a price on his head, Deacon is determined to avenge his friends and make a difference ...
Red Ice Bright lights over the Arctic. A mysterious new super-weapon. The inexplicable disappearance of an international Arctic weather monitoring station, along with its staff. Is there a connection? Russia has developed a secret new weapon able to shoot down missiles, aircraft, and satellites, making the USA’s and the West’s entire defense strategy redundant overnight. With relationships already at breaking point, the U.S. cannot be seen to respond militarily. The President’s hands are tied.


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