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In a desperate attempt to escape his arduous past, Arno, a gifted daemon hunter from Italy, moves to the bright city of San Francisco. At the new and progressive Peacekeeper HQ, he plunges himself into this dangerous and controversial line of work. Fighting pesky Shades, malicious Tricksters, and tempting Tenures is his normal 9 to 5.
This book offers tips and techniques that can help you convert a prospect into a customer. Through the step-by-step guide and improvement tools, The Sales Competitor helps to create the structure for your day, month, and year. This improved structure helps to propel you to becoming more efficient and effective and leading you to reach your maximum potential. So, grab your copies today and find out how you, too, can become a sales expert and be at the very top of your profession.
Help young children learn to love letters and words by introducing them to the wonderful A-Z world of the Alphazooblies. The story is set in Cupboard, a land that is populated by characters called Alphazooblies, all based on the letters of the alphabet. Readers meet the Dooblies and various other Alphazooblies, who star in an illustrated adventure in rhyme. The book aims to entertain and educate children aged from around four, helping them to enjoy discovering more about letters and words.
After having trained thousands of fitness experts who are running their own successful businesses, Tony wants to share his knowledge, wisdom, and experience to a wider audience so that the tips and tools of the trade can be taught to not just his pupils but to all those that read his book. These instructions help experts to pursue a successful fitness career and earn money to help them do something they are truly passionate about
One day you could be in the Caribbean dealing blackjack and the next week you are spinning roulette wheels in the Mediterranean. As we know, casino dealers are entrusted with the important task of ensuring guests have a good time while playing and to also to make every process go smoothly. If you like working with people, have a thing for adventure, and also know your way around some of the most common casino games such as the blackjack, roulette and poker, then you are the right candidate for...
The current pandemic of COVID-19 has affected us all in many ways. Looking around, I feel the need to help entrepreneurs and families to learn new skills to gain financial freedom. I had planned this book a few months ago. But with an average unemployment rate of 5.76 from 1948 until 2020 and the financial crisis looming with COVID-19, I decided to drop everything I was doing to bring this urgent book to you.
Are you the one having trouble with your faith? Then you are at the right place. This book is all about conviction , perseverance or achieving something despite difficulties, failure, or opposition and patience in your life because there is always a purpose in your life which is given by God . Once we have gone through all the phases of our life , those good and bad days, then the purpose of our existence will be revealed to us .
Are you the one who feels Disappointed, Discouraged, Frustrated, Sad, or Angry when met with Opposition in life? Then you are in the right place. This book is all about what to do when you come across inevitable (opposition) in your life. This book is all about the trials and tribulations of this world. from which no one is exempt. Jesus Christ had us prepared for times like these which is, both believers and unbelievers, will go through trials and tribulations of life.
This true story is about a man in his mid-thirties who is in a race car crash, and death is imminent. At that moment between life and death, the past and present merge, and time standstill. In just a few brief seconds, he relives his entire life. This story chronicles his experiences and decisions he made in his life from childhood through adult life. As an engineer for a major oil company, he had to choose between traveling for the company on emergency trouble shooting trips or staying at home...
"Where there is a will, there's a way," they say – the author and the protagonist of this book lived by this phrase. Always wanting to start a salon, she never let any excuses keep her from it by starting her salon in a garage. This is an inspiring book about the power of a strong-willed woman who does everything she can to achieve her lifelong passion for owning a successful salon. In the book, she educates the reader about how they can start their own business by learning from her story.


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