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Authenticity is, unfortunately, not much found in the church. As Christians, how do we know for sure we're walking the talk, living the example, being the salt and light we're commanded to be in the Bible? Do nonbelievers see the joy and authenticity in our lives?
The Timestream is at least six known versions of Planet Earth arranged in hexagonal fashion. Each has different histories and societies, some different geologies, but all share the same physical laws and chronology. At critical historical points on one of the planets, crucial decisions result in two Earths with the same prior history but differing subsequent ones. Major events on neighbouring planets in the Timestream affect each other strongly...
‘Strap yersel in. This’ll pure clear the clooters oot your bahookey flaps!’ Shug: wandering albatross. Abode: no fixed. Age: uncertain. Dependability: dubious. Everyone needs a lift sometimes — to be transported away to another world. William Fagus’s The Purple-Bellied Parrot … does just that. It tells of a creature trapped in the wrong life, and his adventures as he sets off to live the right life — his should-be life.
Holding the key to strategic military advantage, Kadesh is a jewel city that distant lands covet. Ramesses II of Egypt and Muwatalli II of Hatti believe they're chosen by the gods to claim ascendancy to Kadesh. When the two meet in the largest chariot battle ever fought, not just the fate of empires will be decided but also the lives of citizens helplessly caught up in the greedy ambition of kings.
Piper McCall is a renowned artist and, when she's asked to donate one of her sculptures for a local charity event, she ends up giving far more than she intended to when her sister accidentally delivers the wrong sculpture to the auction. Realizing her priceless sculpture has been sold, she's determined to get it back, but the buyer turns out to be a rival from her past that she continues to harbor unresolved feelings for. Can Piper persuade him to return what she never intended to sell?
When Whitney Cooper inherits a house and five acres in Montana, she jumps at the opportunity to begin a new life. A life without fear... In an unpleasant surprise, she's crushed to discover her house is attached to a ranch belonging to the Martin family. The reception she gets from Jared Martin is anything but welcoming. Even as she wonders what could be worse than what she was running from before, accidents that threaten her life bring back the terror she believed she'd finally escaped in...
Four diverse, romantic stories in one volume! The Imminent Future: In the year 2193, Sylver Dreeming, a leading geo-thermal expert for CosmoTeck, endeavors to find a solution to the problem of Earth's overpopulation. Daughter's Destiny: Is a daughter's healing strength enough to save her mother from the evil that's stalked her across an entire mountain range? Can love change the nature of a beast that only wishes to do harm? Maxwell's Promise: In Los Lunas, New Mexico, the City of the Moon, the...
The Edinburgh Festival is about to be invaded will anyone notice? Mex is heading for the Edinburgh Festival in search of Legless. Hot on her heels is Beryl a leader who has already dropped Mex in it once and, now plans to do so again. Beryl must make contact with Mex before Mex finds Legless; retrieve the spark plug formula from Legless (without him knowing), find a way back to Planet Hy Man and save her planet. And all before the Edinburgh Festival finishes!
When a guy acts like a jerk, he may have a good reason...but that doesn't mean a determined woman can't teach him better manners. Delilah's loneliness isn't the only reason she puts up with Jake's crustiness. His son brings laughter and love to her empty nest. But her love for the little boy isn't enough to build the rest of her life on...even if Jake showed interest in her.
Fifteen-year-old Hanna Berkenski journeys from her family's tiny apartment in the Warsaw Ghetto through an awful night spent in a cattle-car with her mother and sister to the welcoming orchestra at Auschwitz where she was a violinist for three years. As the train arrives at Auschwitz, flowers, sunshine and music fell like warm welcomes to her. She's been told she'll be spending the next few weeks in a "work camp" until her family can be reunited and relocated. Even the snowflakes bring her joy...


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