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Instagram is giving us incredible tools to use to our advantage, at no cost. And an audience we could not have dreamt of before, is spending their time here on this very platform. There are over 1 Billion users on Instagram EVERY month. The average user spends 25-35 minutes on Instagram every day. Instagram Stories are watched by 500 million users every single day, trending up. Do I have to spell out what incredible opportunity lies in front of you? It’s an open playground for business that you...
The Wars of Religion are over. The holy line of the emperors is extinguished and the heir to the Silver Throne is lost. The Old Ways are beginning to fade from the world and its people have been hunted to the brink of annihilation. At the heart of the city Gotheim, the great fortress tower, known only as the Citadel, stands as the last bastion of order in the darkening world. The impregnable tower is as a symbol of hope. It is as a symbol of fear.
When the balance of power is threatened in the land of Glede, the powerful Triskelion calls for its master.
Percy is unhappy because he doesn't feel either needed or important. So he decides to become other farm animals and in doing so, find himself in some sticky situations.
Percy is a thinking pig. From high up in his favourite gum tree he ponders such questions as why don't clouds fall down and how does the wind know which way to go. One day he decides to find out, but is this a safe thing for a pig to do?
Before the Commonwealth existed, there was an expanding, multi-galaxy civilization referred to by its descendants/survivors simply as "First Civ". Due to the combined effects of a too-aggressive policy of expansion, civil unrest, the inequality and abuse of the classes, and the categorizing of augmented humans as a slave class, First Civ disintegrated.
Trambu of the planet Voel has been given the assignment of observe other planetary systems from the safety of a space mobile. But that's no fun! Trambu's compulsive and curious nature leads him into an inescapable, swirling journey plummeting straight to Earth. Ever one to make lemonade out of lemons, Trambu adapts his original assignment to discovering everything he can about Earth. With his newfound friend Katie, going to school may never be the same for either of them. Soon Trambu begins to...
Amethyst, WI is a small, peaceful town on a pristine lake with an active tourist season in summer. When the air turns chill, the area is transformed into a ghost town with only a handful of lifers who stay. Amethyst is bursting with mystery, romance, and jealousy all-year-round.
When your secret fantasy comes true... Asher Beaumont never asked for much in life. All he wanted was to play his guitar, write music, and be recognized and loved by his father. Unfortunately, that last desire was never realized. The bastard died when Asher was just a kid. Then thirteen years later, his mother dies of a brain tumor, shattering him even more and leaving him hating everyone around him, except for his two best friends, Melody Stevens and her brother, Teddy.
Sex with no strings. That's the way Brodie Beaumont likes it. Suave, handsome Brodie Beaumont has a history of using and being used by women. A past he doesn't like to talk about has turned him into the type of guy he is today, but he hasn't really cared. Until the beautiful and feisty Gabrielle Demeres comes back into his life.


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