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Share the learning, heartbreak, joys, and challenges as Ev Rykoff and his train engineer friends begin a lifelong journey with the Silicrys, symbiotic aliens. Hop on the train, come along for the ride, and become part of 'Chimes of Light'. "Be careful what you ask for--you just might get it," was an old saying of Ev Rykoff, locomotive engineer...until Jenine entered his life. When her enigmatic voice entered his mind, everything changed.
When a devastating illness robs both Janice and her brother-in-law Paul of their lifelong companions, they shut themselves away from God and from life. But their children refuse to give up and conspire to unite them and overcome the loss with love. Will they succeed before all hope is gone?
Honolulu police officer Katrina Ogden, also known as K.O., intends to become a homicide detective but she keeps becoming embroiled in cases that find her rather than the ones she's assigned. Paradise is filled with danger...
Impossible battles. Unconquerable enemies. A hero with one mission: to win in order to take back his life. A borderlands scout is propelled on an epic odyssey to rescue (and eventually marry) his kidnapped lover, confront evil gods and goddesses and their minions, and discover the strength and means of controlling his unique, inherited ability to bend reality--a power that, unleashed, could destroy him.
Bigsby A General Story is a fictional and humorous short story [approx. 7,000 words] of two Generals with their French companion during a fictional war in the early twentieth century and their actions and escapades during this time. It is written in a purely conversational style.
The Great War: Fields Of Blood relates strategies and action on the Western Front during the First World War and covers such major battles as the Battle of the Somme, the Battle of Verdun, the Battle of Mons and the Battle of Marne. It shows the courage and bravery of the men who laid down their lives for peace and whose memory will never be forgotten.
Murder At Gallipoli relates the strategy and action of the Battle of Gallipoli and also an account of the work of the Field Ambulance. It points out the weaknesses of the campaign and questions if the war should ever have taken place and why lessons had not been learned from previous similar campaigns. It also examines the humanity of some of the commands and actions of the Generals.
You’re eighteen. Bored. Dad’s away a lot. Says it's business, but you’ve seen the lipstick stains. Mum’s home. Too much. Keeping the world gin market afloat on her own. There’s Ariel, the family maid. She’s cool. The one piece of this messed up world that makes sense. And then there’s Raph. Raph’s the leader of your gang of two. He gets off on doing those things to the animals you both catch: the slicing, crushing, and maiming. Buried a few alive, too. His relationship with that hammer of his...
Revenge. Respect. Regret. Sometimes doing the ‘right’ thing brings out the wrong in people. I Died Yesterday – A evening with an old friend becomes a morning after that lasts for ever. Chopper - A young man’s pursuit of his dream unearths a nightmare. A Decision at Dusk - If you could bring someone back from the dead, would you use the power to help or hurt? Sunflower - When the establishment fights back, they break more than the rules. A View - Some noises are best left uninvestigated.
In the midst of a country sliding into chaos, one mother struggles to stop her two surviving children from killing each other.


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