Falling Deep Into You (Torn Pieces: Book One)

Genre: Romantic Suspense Thriller

Book Summary

Miles Callahan is lead singer of the band Torn Pieces. He followed in his father's and grandfather’s footsteps, and is a lead cop on the Emergency Task Force in Toronto, Canada. When a drug bust goes wrong and he loses his best friend, life will change. Two weeks later he realizes his marriage is in jeopardy. Miles will start to think about his life, and how he ended up at this point.

Preslie Summers is an ICU nurse at the main hospital in Toronto. Six months ago she broke it off with her boyfriend. She thought he took the break well, but she was very wrong. When Preslie starts to fear for her life, who will help her heal?

Miles and Preslie have experienced the unthinkable. Now, they'll try to heal together, because two hearts are better than one.


"This story has great flow and the characters are written with depth. I've been a fan of Terra's for a long time and she doesn't disappoint in Falling Deep into You! Highly recommended." ~ Andrea

"Terra Kelly has a way with words, that keeps you entertained and on edge for hours. I truly enjoyed this book and can't wait to see what she comes up with next." ~ Lindsay

"I liked this book, I loved the pace, the angst and the anticipation. It is an emotional rollercoaster, it will make you laugh and cry but it will leave you looking around for answers and counting the days until you can get the next book." ~ Books Laid Bare & Books Laid Bare Boys Blog

"Terra Kelly has done it again with another fantastic book. This book has a great balance of romance and suspense." ~ Bookworm K

About the Author

Terra Kelly writes Contemporary Romance and Romantic Suspense.

She loves walking her dog, snuggling with her two cats, and relaxing with her amazing hubby. A steamy romance book is never far from her grasp, and 2:00 a.m. seems to be the sweet spot to finally put a book down and sleep. She laughs loudly, smiles often, is a bit of a klutz, and tries to always find the positive in everything.
Writing was not on the list of must-do’s for her career, but she always had stories swirling around her mind. Now, today she couldn’t imagine her life without writing. She enjoys writing when the mood strikes, and will stay up late to get all her thoughts out.

When she’s not writing, she’s creating recipes and learning all about bourbon and wine. Terra has had a food blog for over five years, at Cafe Terra- that’s why you will find recipes made by the characters in her Winters Family Series. Each recipe has been tested and devoured! She considers herself a bourbon and wine lover. Each book will express her love for both types of alcohol, along with beer thrown in the mix.

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