Fantasy Writers Phrase Book

Genre: Action Adventure, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Historical Thrillers, Non Fiction, Writing Guides

For Fans Of

J.R.R. Tolkien, Joe Abercrombie, Robert E. Howard, Fritz Lieber, Michael Moorcock, Patrick Rothfuss, Bernard Cornwell

Book Summary

Slay the dragon of writer's block! This inspiring book arms you with over 3,500 heroic ways to describe the perils of combat, magic, monsters, and more... Works for all kinds of magical or medieval worlds, including: Epic High Fantasy, Grim Sword and Sorcery, Historical Fiction, and Alternate History. This book is a treasure chest of exciting descriptions designed to help you write everything from aristocrats to zombies. It's the holy grail you need to forge bestselling adventures, so what are you waiting for? Accept the quest and fulfill your destiny!


"...A source of inspiration [to] act as a springboard for an author to invent new, rich phrases... I recommend it to all writers, aspiring or established."
--Tom Adams, author of The Psychonaut

"The Fantasy Writer's Phrase Book [delivers] inspirational, compelling word-pictures that help pull you back into your story. My current [fantasy novel] would be lost without it."
--Jessalyn Susu, author of Fathers and Sons

"...Truly inspiring and evocative... This is a definite must for all established and aspiring writers."
--Kindle reviewer

"This is a helpmate for writers. It breaks the plateau if you're struggling with writing in a different way that hasn't been written before."
--Kindle reviewer

"Jackson Dean Chase is one of the best at [writing] how-to books!"
--Kindle reviewer

Praise for the Action Writers' Phrase Book:

"This book is packed with amazing phrases to jump-start your creative juices."
--Kindle reviewer

"...There are a ton of great ideas in this book just waiting to be transferred into hundreds of different applications."
--Kindle reviewer

...A great help when you're stuck for the right words and expression."
--Kindle reviewer (UK)

About the Author

Award winning author/poet of over twenty #1 best sellers, including How to Start Your Novel, Young Adult Fiction Best Sellers, and Bukowski's Ghost.

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