Fifty Clever Bastards

Genre: Non Fiction

Book Summary

The road to becoming a successful inventor is not an easy one. Paved with difficulties, roadblocks and sometimes sheer, back-to-the-drawing-board failure, the challenging journey has meant that plenty of geniuses have been lost to history and never given the credit they deserved for creating some of the most invaluable items of our time.

However, over the course of Fifty Clever Bastards these same forgotten inventors and their unbelievable stories are about to be inducted into our illustrious Hall of Fame. Designed to celebrate all those who fell by the wayside, Fifty Clever Bastards comes to understand just what happened to so many of people behind the things we take for granted.

Covering their incredible tales, the book details the unlucky inventors that were killed by their own inventions, debased by fraud or those who mysteriously took their ideas to the grave. Including aviators from the first millennium CE, pioneers of medicine and science and individuals who took their zeal to learn just a bit too far, Fifty Clever Bastards promises to shine a light on all of the crazy, wonderful inventors that history forgot.

Responsible for some of the biggest breakthroughs the world has ever seen (and for appliances we use every single day), thanks to Martin Fone’s new book, Fifty Clever Bastards, some of the greatest geniuses of our time have finally been given their due.

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About the Author

A Classics graduate from Trinity College, Cambridge Martin Fone had a successful career in the insurance industry. He co-authored two books on public sector risk management which were adopted by the Institute of Risk Management as their standard text books.
Since retiring Martin has had the opportunity to develop his interests, mainly reading, writing and thinking or, as his wife puts it, locking himself away in his office for a few hours a day. In particular he has been blogging and writing in his tongue-in-cheek, irreverent style about the quirks, idiocies and idiosyncrasies of life, both modern and ancient. His latest books, Fifty Clever Bastards, and the more recent, Fifty Curious Questions, reflect this change in direction.

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