Fiona's Christmas Dream

Genre: Children

Book Summary

Each of us, especially children, imagines Christmas to be a MAGICAL holiday, a miracle when any wonder can happen. We all want to believe in magic! And it does happen sometimes!
The beginning of 20-th century… Christmas Eve…Fiona is from a small-scale farmers family. She has a big Christmas dream. But her family can’t afford such a luxury that she wants. Nobody believes this wish to come true. Almost nobody. Except Fiona.

Will this dream come true one day? Even if she wants it so much? Even if she did everything possible to make it be a reality?

And what is the most important to happen on Christmas: jingle bells, toys, gifts, Christmas tree, Santa-Claus, songs, dances, or family nearby?

Enjoy a beautiful Christmas trip to old Washington City together with Fiona!

About the Author

I'm a publisher on Amazon. I have kids books and non-fiction books of high quality.

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