Firstborn - Legacy Book 1

Genre: Action Adventure, Fantasy, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy

For Fans Of

Jim Butcher, Roger Zelazny, Jonathan Stroud, Harry Dresden, Bartimaeus, Supernatural, The Dresden Files

Book Summary

Meet Erik Ashendale: wizard and monster hunter extraordinaire.

Cursed from birth with extraordinary healing abilities, at the cost of actual use of magic, Erik rids the city from all that goes bump in the night, sometimes with the help of his demonic talking cat.

But now Erik is in for the fight of his life. Seven ancient sources of power have been corrupted and taken the form of demons, the Seven Deadly Sins. One of them, Lust, is after a young succubus and Erik finds himself having to protect her. 
To make matters worse, the angels have strong-armed their way into our plane, hunting for this mega demon.

How can one man survive in a struggle against gods and the primordial forces of the universe?
The fate of the world hangs in the balance.

About the Author

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