Fish from the Sky

Genre: Historical Fiction

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WW2 escape stories

Book Summary

This amazing story of love and survival is based on true events

What would you do.....? It’s war and your husband gets shot down after a bombing raid over Berlin. He is a POW in Germany. He might be on a kill list. Hope and wait? Not if you work for British Intelligence. Abigail Marshall will do whatever it takes...try to bring James back... through the Nazi lines and the bombs raining like Fish from the Sky.


Fish from the Sky by Addison March is a fantastically well written story that kept me at the edge of my seat throughout. The scene setting and character development is praise worthy and trust me, you'd fall in love with James and Abbie right from the beginning. It is an action packed, fast paced story that you would not feel like putting down once you start reading it. The war molds James and Abbie and the change is very evident towards the end of the story. The thing I loved the most is obviously the strong female character in the middle of the war fought by men. I'm gonna stop right here before I give away any spoilers.

I'd recommend it to anybody looking for an action packed, breath taking story with historical significance. Trust me, you will not be disappointed. I finished reading the entire book in a couple of days and I cannot wait to grab myself a copy of the next book where the MI9 division of the RAF sends Abbie back to Berlin to hunt for one of the POW killers.

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About the Author

Addison Marsh is a pen name. The Swiss born author is married with three children and four grandchildren. He was publishing manager of the European edition of the daily newspaper USA Today in Zurich and London and later worked as a correspondent for various publications. His novels and award winning young adult and children’s books were published in eight different languages in Europe. After a long break from writing the author recently was a finalist in the Finch Memoir prize with his first English novel. He now lives in country Queensland, Australia, renovating an old house, feeding the hens and promising them he will build the world’s best chicken run.

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