For Her Hand

Genre: Action Adventure, Fantasy, Romance

Book Summary

Alexa is the sole heir to King Richard and Queen Thea of Terrakin, and as per tradition, she must find her future fiancé through a battle royal fighting competition. Alexa has successfully defeated those who pursued her for the past five years, but this year, her parents are stepping up the game. They've gone all out in gathering strong, magically adept suitors and even doubled the number of contestants.

Not wanting to be stuck in a loveless marriage, Alexa is determined to continue defeating everyone, but a few nefarious people have weaselled their way into the competition. They will crush anyone who gets in their way and do anything to bring Alexa to their leader.

How will she deal with the uninvited suitors? Will anyone be able to best this magical powerhouse? And who is the man that keeps popping up to assist her during the competition?

About the Author

Short story author from Ontario. I write fantasy, paranormal and young adult/teen.

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