Foreplay 101: A guide for men cause let’s face it, the women know what they’re doing!

Genre: Non Fiction, Romance

Book Summary

Join me on the wild adventure of trying to understand how women think and why it is so important to keep in mind every aspect of a woman's day when it comes to foreplay. Men, if you really want to improve not only your sex life, but also your relationship, then join me on this dissection. Each chapter includes take away homework or observations you can use to improve your foreplay game. Porn has mislead our sex long enough and it is time we take back the importance of satisfying our significant other before we even slip into the sheets.

About the Author

Writing for me has never been something that I have taken very lightly. When I sit down and put pen to paper or click the keys on my keyboard to write an ebook or even a quick blog, a fire wells up inside of me and my fingers often have trouble keeping up with the fire spilling out. I write for two basic purposes.
First is to help people become a better version of themselves. I am partial to people who can recognize that there is a part of their life in which they wish to improve. Secondly, I write to entertain. I love to hear that my words have created at least a glimmer of joy in my reading.
I am a small business owner for a company that supports small businesses and entrepreneurs in their pursuit of their dreams and this brings so much joy to see people's passions come to life.
I am a proud husband and father of four amazing children.
Through my publishing I hope to reach all audiences young and old and hope to continue to help people all of my days.

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