Forever and a Night

Genre: Paranormal Romance

For Fans Of

Vampire romance with a spiritual element.

Book Summary

Nathan Davenport is being stalked by Isabella Ravini, the feral vampire who stole his
human life over a hundred and sixty years ago. She made him her fledging, a slave for
her dark, evil purposes—hunting humans. After a few years she released him, and
Nathan reluctantly learned to accept the cursed life she’d foisted upon him.
Over time he amassed a great fortune, which today has made him famous
worldwide. Isabella decides she wants to be a part of this world of fame and fortune
Nathan created for himself. She’s determined to marry him, and love has nothing to do
with it. His money is her primary target, and the fame and prestige attached to being
the wife of one of the richest men in the world wouldn’t be so bad either.
In an effort to evade her until he can figure out how to stop her, he hides at a safe
house he owns in New Orleans. One Saturday evening in NOLA, he decides to have
dinner in the city. He chooses a quiet little Italian bistro, never imagining this night
will change his life forever. The human woman who delivers his order isn’t a server,
but the restaurant’s sous chef, a beautiful ethnic woman possessing the most delicious
blood scent he’s ever encountered.
The moment Mia Peebles arrives at his table with his plate, tasting her becomes
an obsession. Mia wants nothing to do with him because of Nathan’s reputation as a
playboy. So Nathan enchants her, feeds from her, but his lusts for her blood and body
play havoc with his thinking.
Nathan finds a way to bring her into his life as his personal chef and quickly falls
in love with her. The trouble is Mia has no idea he’s a vampire because during the
enchanting episodes, Nathan blocked her memories of those sensual encounters.
How will Nathan tell her the truth without losing her and keep Isabella from
finding him? Or worst yet, will Isabella discover how much Mia has come to mean
to him?


I love the story. It's a story of the heart with twists. The characters are engaging and I adored Mia. I held my breath for her and Nathan. Isabella, I wanted her to go away. But then that wouldn't make a great story... The story is rich with layers and layers of intrigue. The plot is just as thick. And even though this is a paranormal romance, the characters seem real as anyone. The story is worth your time. I enjoyed from the beginning. The author Lana Campbell knew how to draw you in and not let go until you finish the book. I look forward reading this author's next novel. Great job!!!!!

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