Fragments of Fear

Genre: Horror

Book Summary

Don't look behind you... If you want to read some stories that will break you into a cold sweat and make you quicken your step as you walk down that dark alleyway, this is the book for you. For your convenience, these tasty morsels of mayhem are bite sized. All are less than five hundred words long. Perfect length for a quick commute or a wait in the doctor's office. Can each of these stories really scare you or make you cringe in a mere five hundred words? Step inside and see...

About the Author

Michael Kelso graduated high school and eschewed college to enter the workforce, eventually becoming a corrections officer. His love for reading and vivid imagination lead him to write his own stories. To this end, he has read several books about writing and continues to develop his skills.
He has self-published four short stories, three horror anthologies, and a novelette.
He has finished his first novel and is working with a publisher to release it within the next year.
He won the November 2015 and September 2016 site-sponsored Horror writing contests on
He also has a story featured on
His preferred genres of fiction are Horror, Science fiction, Humor, Religious, Fable, and General fiction.
It is Michael's hope that his stories would engage readers and challenge their perceptions.
Michael lives in Pennsylvania with his wonderful wife and children.

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