Franklin - a brother in search of himself

Genre: Conspiracy Thrillers, Dystopian and Futuristic, Sci-fi, Suspense Thrillers

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Neil Gaiman GRRM Stephen King Iain Banks Hugh Howey

Book Summary

A world where myth, legend, and religion have been sacrificed on the altar of science.

Forty-three years after the Silk Revolution, Corporal Ray Franklin, from the elite 10th Legion, stumbles across a secret that upends his life. His personal quest to find the twin brother he never knew he had takes him on a journey from the Bucket Towns of his birth through the deadly political schemes of the eponymous capital city of Aijlan. The suspense culminates in a thrilling showdown where a series of revelations punch a hole through the society Ray thought he was protecting.

Set against a background of genetic technology, a looming energy crisis, and modern day pain science, Franklin is an epic tale of haves and have-nots, where love, loss, loyalty, hate, and revenge stalk a dystopian society with roots in 21st century Europe.


"Full of imagery and soliloquy, cleverly structured and lucidly written. Really enjoyed reading this book." KK - Amazon UK 5 Star Review

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About the Author

I'm a British born author now living in the heart of Europe. Writers I enjoy reading include: George Orwell, Hugh Howey, Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, and G.R.R. Martin. Outside of writing (and chasing after my two young kids), I'm an award winning bass player, osteopath, and teacher.

'The Lords of Misrule' is the culmination of a long held (and well-hidden) ambition to write. It's a dystopian story set in an alternative version of 21st century Europe. It has a large cast of characters, and pulls in various interests: science vs. belief, myths & legends, pain, political intrigue, and deadlifts.

You can keep up with me at (where you can also claim two free books) or email me on

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