Freiyon Fables #2: The Rochester Runes

Genre: Action Adventure, Children, Fantasy, General Fiction, Mystery, Urban Fantasy, Young Adult

For Fans Of

Chronicles of Narnia, Redwall, Discworld, The Spiderwick Chronicles, A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Book Summary

A terrible curse that causes anyone to find out about it to vanish and bad things to occur to their family has been uncovered after three Siblings of the Rochester Family move into their grandparents' manor. Soon it's clear that the only way to stop the curse before it gets to the three children and their family is to find the truth about an old legend passed through their family history. A legend that talks of magic, talking animals, and seven rune stones able to grant wishes. Can the siblings locate the stones while exploring the magical world of Freiyon without being caught or killed? Will their family be ok as well? And above all, who is the mastermind that created the curse to begin with? This is the second book in the Freiyon Fables Trilogy, and explores The land of Freiyon itself, its inhabitants, and uncovers mysteries even its inhabitants aren't completely aware of.

Justin T. Hunt's Books

About the Author

Born in Blacktown, NSW, Australia, Justin Hunt grew up in the Blue Mountains of NSW with his older sister, April, and his parents. He has been writing stories since he was seven years old, but he hadn't considered publishing books until he was fifteen years old. His first book, 'A Tail To Remember', was officially published in March of 2017, with a practice cover. The book is now available with a proper cover on Amazon currently and is slowly getting more well known.
Justin currently lives in Hillston, NSW, which is about an hours drive North of Griffith.
He is currently 26 years old, studies bachelor of Arts at Charles Sturt University, and has a dog, a cat and a whole bunch of chickens and ducks. He still writes and has huge imaginations for more stories in the future.

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