French Women's Confidence Secrets

Genre: Non Fiction

Book Summary

French women are famous for their effortless elegance, their enchanting independence, their irresistible charm and their unshakable self-confidence.

In French Women's Confidence Secrets, twelve of Dr Margaretha Montagu closest French friends share their confidence secrets with you. Margaretha has lived in France for part of her childhood and for most of her adult life. She has spent nearly twenty-five years, first as a medical doctor and more recently as a workshop leader, empowering women to live long, happy, healthy and fulfilling lives, full of purpose and meaning.

In this book, you will meet twelve French women, Anaïs, Inès, Lisa, Marie-Therèse, Claire, Régine, Amèlie, Corrine, Béatrice, Annie, Monique and Eloïse who will share their stories with you.

As you share these women's joys and sorrows, you will discover how they remain unconditionally self-confident, serenely sophisticated and perfectly poised no matter how challenging the situations are that they find themselves in.

To each story and to every secret, Dr Montagu brings her extensive knowledge and experience, with practical suggestions to help you incorporate each of these potentially life-changing strategies into your own life.

French Women's Confidence Secrets is a guide to becoming a woman who knows exactly who she is, who takes excellent care of herself, who leads a balanced, purposeful and fulfilling life, who has a solid support network, who can laugh at herself, who knows she has a lot to be grateful for, who knows how to forgive, who competently handles stress, who knows how to say NO without apologising and who knows that being ageless is all about attitude.


R Coldrick: Magnificent...Magnifique
 This book is bursting with good advice, wonderful characters and big bundles of confidence. It tells of a warm, stress-free corner of France; nurturing and empowering its women and their friendships.

T G Marais: Awaken the confident soul within!
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I gained some valuable insights into my own insecurities and possible ways to address them effectively. Each chapter has something unique to offer. I particularly enjoyed Chapter 3, entitled “Balancing Act” as well as Chapter 7, entitled “Forgiveness”. This book is a must-read for women of all ages!

A Prinsloo
What a fabulous read. I am rereading and bookmarking pages to help myself gaining self-confidence. Beautifully written!

M Jansson
I've been following Margaretha's blog since she first started blogging. When I saw her new book, I was intrigued, and naturally, I had to read it. I was not disappointed. The book is outmost interesting. I would go as far as claiming at not only does it have the potential to help women of all ages to feel better about themselves, but could also be of interest for any compassionate man that has an important woman in his life. Read it!

H Springer
An enjoyable read with lots of explanation straight from those French women we so admire!

About the Author

Dr Magaretha de Klerk (nom de plume Margaretha Montagu) is an experienced medical doctor, a certified NLP practitioner, a medical hypnotherapist and an equine-assisted experiential learning coach (EAGALA level II).

In 2005, frustrated with the limitations of medical practice, Margaretha switched to equine-assisted experiential learning, realising a long-cherished dream of enabling others to live long, happy, healthy and fulfilling lives, full of purpose and meaning with the help of her horses. Margaretha is especially interested in helping people manage stress more effectively and so avoid the mental and physical health damage that unbridled stress can cause. To reach an even wider audience, she took up writing in 2011.

Margaretha divides her time between London and the south of France, where she hosts mindfulness and meditation "Connect with Horses" 3/5/7-day residential workshops based on equine-assisted experiential learning and equine-guided meditation.

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