From Dot to Cleopatra: The History of Ancient Egypt

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Book Summary

"From Dot to Cleopatra" is the full story of Ancient Egypt since the first Pharaoh to the death of Cleopatra VII and contains tables of the pharaohs, gods and pyramids of Egypt, as well as a guide to visiting the ancient sites of modern Egypt.


Publisher's comments:
Alun Buffry's From Dot to Cleopatra takes out the confusion and presents the facts and the mystery in a plain-speaking guide which takes the reader from year dot before the beginning of recorded history to the time of Cleopatra's death.

Thousands of years of Egyptian culture, with special reference to the pyramids, are recounted in a manner which does not baffle and assumes no previous knowledge of this history. The author leads us comfortably through a whole field of fact and theory recorded by antiquarians, archaeologists, pre-historians, treasure and fame hunters, even a crank or two! Here are the names, Nomes, Pharaohs, gods, kings, pyramids, obelisks, sphinxes and mummies, dynasty by dynasty: here, too, the legends, discoveries and great questions.

At home or visiting Egypt, readers are saved much research as Alun Buffry gets to the core. He's a scientist, so he doesn't accept things as true unless they are proved, but he doesn't dismiss a theory because he doesn't agree with it. He is a fireside fabler and chronicler too, bringing us to our own conclusions as he tells the oldest stories which, with 'From Dot to Cleopatra', anyone can follow. This is an up-to-date reference book which can easily be read in a few days or dipped into for years. It includes a guides to the monuments and, a bonus for serious Egyptologists, the author's list of Pharaohs. You'll find plenty of mystery with the history, enough to share the fascination in Ancient Egypt which has lured explorers and amazed everyone else for centuries.

Alun Buffry was born in Wales in 1950 and read chemistry at the University of East Anglia. He has traveled extensively and visited Egypt. He is an active campaigner for the abolition of the prohibition of cannabis and for prison reform. He has produced several other works such as "Damage and Humanity in Custody" and a bridge manual called "Bleeding Trumps" which will be available through WebBooks soon.

Reader's comments:

"I was never very interested in Ancient Egypt until I read "From Dot to Cleopatra", now I am fascinated by it." : Dr Anne Biezanek
"Knowing Alun personally I decided to read his book. I am not a great reader but this was easy going. Every time I put it down I had to pick it up again soon, until I finished it. Now I will read it again. Alun writes as he talks, his humour is always there." : Jane Appleton, Housewife
"We both thoroughly enjoyed From Dot to Cleopatra": Rev Robin and Rev Adrienne Scott
"I can hardly believe how well you managed to include so much information on such a huge subject in such a small book in such a readable and presentable fashion." : John Adam, Web Designer.

About the Author

A graduate in Chemistry in 1971; my main interests are Ancient Egypt, Science Fiction, History and sciences; I am a campaigner for human rights and the ending of cannabis prohibition. Now retired, I spend time travelling and writing. I have written and seld-published several boots and am working on more.

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