Frozen Moments Revisited

Genre: General Fiction

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Book Summary

Life is a puzzle. It is custom made for each of us. We remain solving it in our different style. Some of us solve it quickly, and some of us take more time. Those who solve their riddle quickly they are identified as bright, they recognize those who solve their puzzle in more than average time as dumb head but most of us solve our puzzle in an average time and considered ordinary or ordinary people.
Ordinary people are more in number, or I should say we are more in number. When we solve the first riddle, another riddle of the game of life pops up. It is the beauty of this game of life. We become addicted to this game and enjoy it. Often, we compare our skill with others. We boast about our competence and try to show off. We consider ourselves best among our peers and in general. This makes us inquisitorial being. Another game of higher and higher saddles goes on popping up driving us increasingly messed up. This process of game playing goes on until the end of our journey of life when we cease to exist on this planet called earth.
Death is the most significant leveler, it never discriminates between intelligent, dumb head or mediocre, rich or poor, beautiful or ugly, happy or sad, young or old, theist or atheist. It is a life, which discriminates, always, at every step but it teaches us the value of patience, perseverance, humility, humanity, aggressiveness, ability to fight, strength to endure rough weathers and make us humane.
Those of us do not learn these things, leads a miserable life. Once we learn and practice these things in life, we love the best attributes of life and experience its subtleness. Love teaches us that losers are always the winner of the game of love. This makes our life a beautiful journey.
Let us make our journey of life a beautiful journey. Let us strive for it.
After writing this blog, I took out another pen from my penholder kept it on my table.
A dark green ink pen with white metal cover is in my hand. On the chariot of memories attached to this pen, I suddenly reached the year 1972, Varanasi City.
Suddenly Ira turned and asked, "Why do we live?"
I was taken aback by her question. I stared at her face while thinking about the answer to her question. I could not think of an answer.
I took her hand in my hand and said, " I am living to keep these hands in my hands forever, for the whole life. I wish to live to hear my name from your beautiful lips forever. I wish to live to hear your sweet melodious voice. I want to remain entrapped in your big magical eyes. I want to live with you forever."
Ira laughed, "Your habit of playing with words is still intact."
Ira was my friend. We knew each other from school days. She was exquisite. She had long black hair, big eyes, melodic voice. Her hands were soft. It was a pleasure to hold her delicate soft well-manicured hands. She was not only pretty but also intelligent and witty. Whenever we met, she was becoming bubbly and vivacious. She changed into a chirping machine. She seldom remained quiet. She was talking and talking. I enjoyed her talks and her moods very much. Ira was in the final year of MBBS in Banaras Hindu University.
Once I asked her, "What do you think, love is?"
Without awaiting a second, Ira replied "convenience."
Perplexed, I asked her "What do you mean?"
She laughed and said, "Whatever you heard."
"Do you think like that about love?" I asked her.
"Am I not correct?" she said.
I said nothing.
"Don't you feel like that?" Ira asked again.
"No, I don't think so."
"You are thinking about the plutonic love. Bullshit. Women look beautiful, lovely, awesome, alluring, desiring, divine so on so forth till she is or does not become a household commodity. After that better don't ask." She said
In a general sense, she was right. If anyone loses anything, he always regards it as a precious thing, but if anyone possess something valuable then after some time, it loses its sheen. It becomes an ordinary commodity, worthless, a part of one’s collection.
"No, I don't agree with you. Even the thought of a beloved fills the heart with joy. Her closeness, her voice, her touch not only fills the heart with delight but also soothes the soul. Time can never change it. Love nurtures, love makes life beautiful. Love is bondage between two souls. Love is divine."

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