Game Hunter

Genre: Dystopian and Futuristic, Horror, Young Adult

Book Summary

Zombies in the deserted ruins of the City of London are an endangered species. The only thing keeping them from extermination is the hit reality tv show ‘Game Hunter,’ where people pay to go on zombie killing safaris. Those left are hardly dangerous and viewer rating are down, unless something changes the show will be scrapped.

The Elders have convinced male and female half-zombie teenagers, reluctant Tremayne and fiery Red, to find a further five fighters and take on seven of the most ferocious zombie hunters in a series of three gruesome rounds of Game Hunter. They will be feverishly followed by a worldwide audience and the final outcome will determine their annihilation or possible cure.

Yet with the fate of their zombie cousins at stake, a missing beloved sister to find, a budding romance, plus intrigue and conspiracy around every darkened corner, just staying alive until the first round seems to be a deadly struggle in itself.

About the Author

I am a newish author, currently published are 'Game Hunter', book one of a dystopian apocalyptic series and a poetry book, 'It's a Funny Thing, Life'.

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