Get Fit, Strong & Lean: How to Get That Bikini Body in Only 3 Months

Genre: Non Fiction

Book Summary

This workout guide was written for all those who want to get fit, strong & lean (and perhaps also lose some weight/fat in the process), but don’t necessarily have the time and/or the money to spend hours at the gym on a regular basis.

Each training session is only 30 minutes long (but very effective) and all the workouts in the book are such that you can do at the comfort of your own home with equipment that you already have at home or such that wouldn’t cost a fortune to buy.

The book provides you with:
– tips on what to do before a workout, during a workout, and after a workout,
– a list of equipment you will need and what you can substitute it with,
– explanations on why you need to do cardio, LISS, HIIT, and lift weights,
– warming up and stretching exercises with photos,
– 4 weeks of pre training exercises with photos (perfect if you are not already very active as it prepares your body for the real deal),
– 12 weeks of exercise programme with photos – 3 training sessions per week, each lasting only 30 minutes!

This workout guide is an eBook, but it is also available as paperback, and in pdf (on, which means that you can use it on a computer, on a tablet, on an iPad, on your mobile phone, or you can print it out and you are good to go!

About the Author

Tita is a teacher and an author from Slovenia.

She has written a diet & meal plan book Eat Yourself Healthy & Sexy, and an exercise guide Get Fit, Strong & Lean, and a romance novel The Healing Touch.

She is also the author of children's books Mia and Her Time Machine, a book about a girl travelling back in time and learning about ancient Egypt, ancient Rome, and ancient Greece.

She is currently working on another children's book.

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