Ghosts of Winter

Genre: Fantasy

Book Summary

Deep within the city of Caerton, shape shifters hide in the guise of humans, secretly fighting to protect them from the unimaginable demons that threaten their world.

Caerton’s newest shifter, Stalker, faces an uncertain future; as her pack struggles to cope with their devastating loss, dark forces begin to mass in the shadows. Tensions with the Witches continue to threaten the north, while the young shifters desperately strive to determine which of the city's elders they can trust.

As an ancient and deadly evil emerges from beneath the city, Stalker and her new pack face a frantic race against the changing face of the moon. Can their demonic enemy be defeated? Heroes will rise in this, the second thrilling instalment of the Echoes of the Past series, where creatures from our darkest nightmares stalk our world...


The plot thickens in this electrifying sequel, where the shift into the voice of another protagonist at times balances the mood well. The story builds very well on the first book, but would equally read perfectly as a stand alone novel (though the cliff hanger endings will, of course, have you hankering for the sequel). - Enola on Amazon

I came to this series backwards and started with book two, but it works brilliantly as a standalone and I've now gone back and ordered the first book on the strength of it. Ghosts of Winter is a beautiful read, the writing is clean and crisp, the pacing is fast and the plot is multi-layered and intricate. Lyne's world is extremely well-imagined, and this is an absolute gem of a book. - Olivia P on Amazon

Frankly, I'm truly surprised that I enjoyed this book. It's not that it isn't well written because it's a superbly crafted tale. I didn't expect to appreciate it for two simple reasons: it's not my preferred genre, and I'm much older than the author and the target audience.

Once I started reading the book, I found that I didn't want to put it down. I became immersed in an incredibly detailed world of complicated characters and settings. I couldn't imagine how long H.B. took to create two different realms and dozens of characters--all of them totally believable.

I felt sympathy for characters that were forced to deal with morally grey areas, conflicts between different kinds of relationships, the loss of loved ones, and new lifestyles.

In the end, this was a story about acceptance, believing in oneself, embracing change, and triumphing over the odds. The characters, and the setting, were secondary for me.

Kudos to a young, gifted author! I know that her talents will take her far!
- T. Lawrence on Amazon

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About the Author

H. B. Lyne has always lived close to the dark side, never quite mastering the ability to force choke but contemplating it during dark times. Black eye liner was a permanent fixture in her bag or back pocket during the goth years. Lighter moments have included a fascination with unicorns and firm belief in faeries well into adulthood. Jotting down these observations in multiple forms has always been a habit.

Juggling bean bags, fluffy poi and an adult-weighted hula hoop have all had their brief place in recreation, but all are now consigned to the land of lost treasures (AKA the box room). These days, when not chasing two chaotic munchkins around, Holly somehow engineers time to write fantasy. Her series, Echoes of the Past, is the tale of one young shape shifter's epic struggle to reconcile her humanity with her inner demon, whilst battling very real demons who threaten both humans and shifters alike.

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