Gifts of the Crysnix

Genre: Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Young Adult

For Fans Of

Avatar, Lord of the Rings

Book Summary

"Gifts of the Crysnix" is a novel for kids who are on the brink of becoming adults, to offer life lessons and inspire them to listen to their gut instincts and believe in themselves. The story is about the power of wishes in creating your best life. It raises issues of self-confidence, choice and consequence, and offers a ride into a parallel universe where beauty and perfection ignite the senses. Emotions run from the frailty of young love to the depths of grief and the reader may be surprised at what comes from the strength of humility and the power of forgiveness.

A delightful read of a modern fairy tale with new twists, the story touches the heart and mind with insightful quotes that lead every chapter. Readers come away with the knowledge that they have tremendous power over their lives if they fight the fear that holds them back. It is a story of life lessons, honour and magic.


Review excerpts:

This novel is filled with so much goodness it’s difficult to feel a negative thought. Lisa Shore gives plenty of sage-like advice in these pages that I couldn’t help but feel like I was better off after reading it.
Overall, this book was a fantastic read.
Hungry Monster Book Review

It is a story that offers transformation and hope. It is a story that is emotionally charged and offers heroes that will inspire you. It is a wonderful book of positive life-lessons that will help you greatly on life's journey.

"Gifts of the Crysnix" is a wonderfully entertaining and original story for young readers that will have an immense appeal to their imagination and sense of wonder. Very highly recommended for school and community library fantasy collections.
Story Monsters Ink

This book is about making the right choices and wishes to have the best life possible. This book encourages young people to believe in themselves and finding their strength. It also drives home the importance of forgiveness, humility and gratitude. A beautifully written book that will inspire and empower.

About the Author

Always ready for a creative challenge, I have worked in the fields of advertising, television, and design. My most inspiring creative challenge was raising my three kids and the bedtime stories turned into sagas complete with drawings and sparkles. We lived in a forest on a lake which, naturally, set the scene for the magic that came to life on the page.

Navigating the bumps of single parenthood I focused on loving and strong ideals. Themes of self-reliance, tolerence, self-worth and caring for the planet were present in our home and now are the basis of my books.

My books reach out to kids of all sizes who dream big.

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