Grant - (Beringer Brothers Book 1)

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Book Summary

Acacia Foster is alone in the big city with no one to confide in except her best friend Kellie. Devastated by loss she finds herself feeling uncertain about her future. On the day of an anniversary that she'd rather not remember, an awkward encounter on the job lands her in front of a sexy billionaire who comes to her rescue.
Grant Beringer is the oldest of three brothers and a bear shifter. His overbearing father has his own ideas about what is best for his sons and that includes no dating humans. Grant wants to find his mate on his own terms.
Will Grant get out from the shadow of his dominating father and reveal his secret to the woman he knows is his true fated mate?
Will Acacia accept him and choose to be with him or will her own fears send her running?

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About the Author

The stories I enjoy writing are the same kinds of books I enjoy reading. Science Fiction and Paranormal Romance are my absolute favorite types of books but I read just about anything so long as it’s a good story.

My heroes are always strong and sweet. My couples always find their happily-ever-after because I believe we all secretly want that.

My latest books are a science fiction romance series: Warriors of Taulon. The first book of the series is Invasion.

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