Graveyard Rose

Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance

For Fans Of

Paranormal romance with a Gothic twist!

Book Summary

"She clings to life as tenaciously as the rose which grows from the cold, inhospitable graveyard soil," spoke the stranger at her side. "A graveyard rose!" 

In a world where vampires, werewolves and other strains of such demonic creatures run at large, Lenara Gerrickson is a young Guardian appointed among the ranks of men, to protect human lives. Under the burden of a broken heart, she risks her life for her sister and struggles to maintain her position as the lone female Guardian; to uphold the honour and grandeur of her noble House. The company of Guardians rides forth to face the threat of a new breed of werewolves wreaking carnage throughout a rural village. Though her male cohorts are confident of victory, Lenara's intuition warns of unforeseen horrors. 

Is there any hope for her to find love in this dark and desolate world, or will she perish in the line of duty? Here begins the incredible tale of a lost maiden, and of a mysterious, gentle man who calls himself a beast...

About the Author

I am an Electrical engineer by profession and work in the renewable energy sector. I started writing fanfiction in my spare time and after a whole year of writing; I decided to start writing an original series with my own characters.

I have spent a considerable amount time in Scotland which led me to develop a love for folklore, dark faerie tales and an interest in Celtic mythology and paganism. Also love to paint with watercolours. I am currently single but love to read romance books with a touch of fantasy added to it.

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